Sunday, July 26, 2009

My new addiction.

I have not been blogging lately because I admit I have been spending time in my farm. You may ask where, in my backyard? No, you goof, in Facebook!

If you don't know what Farm Town is, you either aren't on Facebook, or you have denied every request! Either way I don't blame you, because it is all I think about. As you can see I can't even think about a blog post,(darn!)... All my mind can think about is Farm Town. When I started receiving trees and flowers and animals as gifts, I just ignored them at first because I don't want to play any game on this site. My first crop actually had all gone to waste because I don't visit farm town application - then I got hooked! Yeah, pathetic, you may say. I would even plot out a design on paper to get the best look of my farm, ugh!

Okey, so I basically own a farm where I can plow fields, plant and harvest crops, sell crops which is the main source of income, plant fruit trees, sell fruit, buy animals, houses, barns, fences, paths and even increasing the size of my land.

And if I'm short on funds I can go to the Market Place to ask for work harvesting other people’s crops. People have incentive to hire people because it doesn’t actually cost anything and the resulting crops sell for more than if they did it themselves. But I like to invite my neighbors (they are on my friends list too) to harvest and plow for me because it will cost less and they will gain needed points to move up to a new level. It also kept me entertained because I get to interact with them via chat while we are working on each other's farm.

Then, I signed up for Farmville...I have screwed myself this time!!!


Tracey said...

It's all I hear about from Amy...
Bloody Farm!
Oh well, if it's fun then why not?

Mimi said...

Well, at least it's keeping you out of trouble. Ha Ha!
My daughter wants me to play Neo Pets online. She loves it. Both my son and daughter love to play Maple Story and I have really had to limit their computer time because they are so addicted!
Have fun!

Jann said...

I actually have a farm on farmville but have never played it as I know it would take over my life! LOL


I always seem to receive your chat messages too late!!! Sometimes I leave it open and go and do something else. Your Farm is awesome!
Fi is heavily addicted also. I have so much enjoyment just plowing and harvesting very cathartic.
I cant do Farmville though or my head will explode, I cant even keep up with Robinhood:)

Angry American said...

Ummmmmmmmm...ok. Let me clue you guys in on something. This farming game is all part of Hulu's master plan and you guys have all succumbed to their latest plot.

Hulu will buy Facebook, then install their brain melting software into your games. Soon you will become a late night snack for the nearest Reptilians in your neighborhood.

Even if I was crazy enough to become a victom, I'd only play strategy games where you build an army and destroy enemy armyies so rasberries on your boring Facey Books.

Odette said...

damn, another of your weird conspiracy theories!!! but what the heck, i so love farming...come and be my neighbor!!

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Sad but true... it has given me a lot of pleasure to grow my farm...
and yes - chatting while you work is also very pleasant :)
It fills in the moments between Robin Hood, Mob wars, Mafia wars, My Zoo, and blogging lol

Odette said...

wow, that's multi-tasking to the max!! i cannot accept any other games or i wont have a life anymore!!!


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