Thursday, July 23, 2009

Conspiracy - truth or fiction?

I know people love conspiracy theories, let’s face it. It is fun to argue about certain events and it really can make a believers or non believers blood boil. I know most of us have experienced the feeling that things were going on that we were not being told about. That things are happening in the world, our government, our town, our street, or out in the depth of the cosmos that might, sooner or later affect or influence our life.

Every so often we found ourselves looking over our shoulder as we feel something is happening but we don't know what it is. And with each new backward glance we see our world growing more complex. It seems there are experts trying to keep the left hand from knowing what the right hand is doing and all throughout, we ordinary citizens remain completely unaware of the workings of either.

Yes it seems conspiracy abound around us, some mundane, some ridiculous, yet all worth pondering about. When people are deprived of the truth we settle for rumor, speculation, and out-and-out fiction. The more we are kept in the dark, the more the grape vine hums. One way or the other, the information vacuum is filled even if its total fabrication.

Take for example the conspiracy theory of The Moon Landing - I think it is safe to say Apollo 11 did in fact land on the moon. There's the JFK Assassination which I believe 100% that the assassination of JFK was a multi-person event. I do not believe the cover story told to America. I wouldn’t be shocked if their own government was involved.

Another disturbing conspiracy is that the CIA is using mind control rays and lasers to erase awareness of the existence of Alien Lifeforms in the general public, ala Men in Black. Followed closely by theory that the US government was behind the World Trade Center/Pentagon plane crashes and that the US and Russian governments have the power to control the weather and tectonic plates and that the Asian Tsunami and Katrina were experiments gone wrong!

And have you heard about the "Chem trails” conspiracy? Many have apparently looked at the sky and seen airplane contrails and have to convince themselves that somebody very powerful are deliberately spraying poison on all of us - all over the world for evil ends.

Of course, still high on the list of all these conspiracies is the theory about the Shadow Government or the New World Order. These are group of elite people who are in control of the world politics, economy and security. These are the Bilderberg attendees and the Illuminati.

It seems though that Americans are more prone to conspiracy theories than Brits, probably due to the fact that there are more conspiracies in America than in Britain - Roswell, Area 51, and Elvis being alive to name but a few.

I can't think of any British ones, besides the Royal Family being aliens. They say the British Royal Family, and its inter-linking bloodlines, are actually reptilian, and that they come from a reptilian extraterrestrial race.

But that's just daft.


Tracey said...

I've never heard that our queen is an ET before! I love all the others though, amazing!

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Anything that makes us think outside the square is good. If people want to pretend, or a government wants to enter into a mass hoax, the internet lets us share many viewpoints so that we can try to separate fact from fiction. Anything else would mean blind faith by the masses; we have too much of that already.
Might watch closer for the forked tongue of the Queen in future....

Odette said...

they tried to hide it, but i guess househelp can't keep their silence when they see their masters shift shape! Hahahah!!!

Odette said...

maybe rationalizing events or occurences that baffle our senses makes it less outlandish.
forked tongue...Lol!

Angry American said...

I've heard about the "Royal family being aliens thing" before. So far, the only thing that has been proven is that they come from a long line of inbreds. Pretty much explains how they ended up with so many ugly ass family members before Diana came along.

BTW Odette. Who's been feeding you all this insane nonsense? 8)=

Odette said...

do you need to ask? why, you were always feeding me with insane information!!!! now it's implant that allow people to hear things...
what did you say? i cant hear you over these buzzing sound...what? come again?

living_with_ba said...

If I disappear it's because I'll be internetless for a few days/weeks while the new phone line gets installed :D


Im a outside of square thinker also. However I agree with the inbreeding reference regarding the reptilian Royal Family.
What is true however are the little micro chips that the U.S had people gagging for after Sept 11(in the case of identifying missing loved ones),that most certainly has been publicised and well its pretty much big brother, which goes hand in hand with he new laws written pre sept 11 for the govt to be able to search and arrest anyone on anything they can almost make up. Pretty convienant
My dad was ex U.S Govt and he didnt trust his own Govt at all before he died in October last year........
great post

Sid Brechin said...

Under the crown says Blood of God. Under the eye it says Order of the Eastern Temple the rest I can't quite make out the words to translate them.

Sid Brechin said...

I had a buddy who had been a meathead. For those not ex-military that is military slang for military police. Apparently to confuse a suspect they would ask " Where you November 22nd 1963?"

One day I was at work ( we worked together but for different departments of the TTC ) reading the paper. He grabbed my shoulder and asked it. I said " Practicing my marksmanship from a grassy knoll in Dallas. " He had to be helped back on his feet he was laughing so hard. "

btw I was nine and in 4th grade napping when the news came in.

btw Odette: the US has theories the Brits have real ones. Ask Tracey about Guy Fawkes, The Profumo affair and the Cambridge Communists. Also the theft of the Stone of Scone.

Odette said...

that image i posted is a sign of the illuminati. i dont know how to read it, but boy, you can!!!

Odette said...

good you informed us, or i will think an alien had abducted you, Lol.

Sid Brechin said...

It's Latin Odette. I can't speak it and need a dictionary and grammar by my side to write it but it is not hard for me to read or understand when spoken. I wish I had realized I had a talent for languages when I was young. I may have steered my life in a different direction.

Angry American said...


You would've made a great translater. Some times, if you learn a few words you can spot patterns. For me, Asian languages seem to be the toughest to grasp even when writen.


I think I remember that ID chip craze after 9/11. It seems like a good idea at first. But, I was totally ignorant of what's really been going on. When you think about it, not only is it Big Brother, but just how many large buildings has the U.S. Gov actually planed on taking down in the near future?

Sid Brechin said...

AA not sure if one letter in the first word is a C or a G. I took it as a G if it is a C then it becomes God's Holiness or The Shelter of God


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