Thursday, July 30, 2009

Of Sid and Rick.

I felt so bad for making Sid harvest in my farm the other day. Now his wrist is sore, and he has to rest and not use it for at least two days. That means, we will miss him blogging for a while and he had to abandon farming as too much clicking action on the mouse puts a toll on his wrist.

He did tell me a funny story last night though about Rick. Those who have followed his blog knew by now that Rick is an amputee and of course carry a blue badge. One time as he was parking his car in the disabled parking area, a woman bitches at him and created a scene. She was furious why he parked there especially when she saw him walk away and obviously he doesn't look like someone with disability! She continue to make a scene that the supermarket security guards came out to check. They saw Rick took off his leg and was rubbing it while this woman didn't even notice as she was bitching all throughout and perhaps loving the attention she's getting. The guards had to asked her to leave and she was banned from ever coming to that supermarket again.

Yes, we know there are many insensitive people in this world. People who don't think before they speak. They will say whatever comes into their mind and not care even if they know they will create havoc in other people's feeeling. Oh, if only they will take time before they utter their words and give it plenty of thought, then maybe, it will save them from embarrassment and hurt feelings.

Kind words, are music to our ears, and everbody will respond to it nicely. So, before anybody speak, lets think it over first very carefully because words, when spoken cannot be taken back. It will only create hostility and what we say will only show how much we are lacking!

Get well soon, Sid. And thank you for the laughter!


Tracey said...

You can always rely on Sid for a good story....In an ideal world everyone would be kind and sensitive but in the real world it is sadly not so.

Mimi said...

Hey there Odette!
Poor Sid! I hope that he feels better soon.
Wrist pain must be agonizing!
You are so right, Odette. People need to think before they speak. I always tell my kids that once you say something, you can never take it back. The words have been spoken and the damage done. Bite your tongue and count to twenty to keep quiet.
It is really sad that there are people out there that feel the need to comment or complain about everything. I guess they are bored or lonely and crave some attention.
Thanks for being such a nice person and caring!
Hugs, Mimi

Cal said...

Well that really is a case of 'there's none so blind as those who cannot see!
True words.
Cal x

Sid Brechin said...

About Rick if the lady had spoke to him she would have got "Lady I have an artificial leg". She made the mistake of laying into his wife and all the ladies know no not to attack a lady protecting her family. Rick usually parks a great distance from the entrance. If he used a spot he's in pain. I don't know how he did what he did at work never mind marathons. He still has the odd bad day with phantom pain.
I just slept 18 hours and thank the lord the dog has a good bladder. It's one way my body deals with pain and effectively. For all of those suffering pain I have one good thing to say. The body forgets pain once gone. So save for reinjury things are good.

Sid Brechin said...

For those that don't follow my blog Rick and I used to work together. He rarely has any trouble with his leg and on the times he uses his sticker he is usually in bad pain blisters where the leg joins.

Otherwise he holds 3 world championships as a single leg runner. World records in Marathon, half marathon and 10 k.

We think he will likely bring back 3 golds next month in Kirst's hometown of Christchurch New Zealand when they host the paralympic games


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