Friday, July 10, 2009

Just want to thank you all for the greetings.

Just a short post as I'm heading to bed, and I know I will be a little bit busy tomorrow. Just a wee bit though.

Why do I love birthdays especially if it's mine?

Because, I am flooded with wishes and wonderful greetings! And because they emphasize the importance of family and friends and how we try to keep close no matter how geographically distant we are.

Sure, getting disconnected is so easy. In fact my eldest son has to move when he has to enroll in a provincial school. My mom who is married to an American now lives in the US and so is my brother. My cousins, for want for a better future for their family had taken up residency abroad. And I live away from my dad and other relatives because I have my work here in Manila. My high school friends are scattered around the globe too. And if you are reading this, it could be night there while it's morning here.

Indeed, there are many reasons why we can be physically disconnected from friends and family. It’s a natural thing, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. However, we should never fail to remind each other to stay connected no matter how geographically distant we can get.

I am glad that I have a loving support system from friends and family - oh well, like any family, it doesn't always work with all family members, as some has their own quirks, but somehow there is always a family member I can securely stay in touch with.

Add to the fact that social networking sites have allowed me to build relationships with friends and cousins overseas!

Oh yeah, I remember to have refused their invitation to Facebook before, but now I can see it's usefulness. There we can share stories, throw in some pics, and just inform each other what the other one is up to. E-mail has always been a good way to stay in touch also. And then there is of course the now occasional text messages from our mobile. I am happy that there are many ways I can connect and stay connected.

Now, let me check who hasn't sent their greetings yet...


Mimi said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Tracey said...

Happy birthday dear Odette, sorry you haven't received your card yet, It was posted 11 days ago! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

The 11th has arrived here in New Zealand - so international birthday greetings to you dear Odette... I hope you have a lovely day with your children, friends and whatever family you have right there with you.
Virtual hugs from here

Odette said...

hey thank you guys!!! and thank you tracey for posting it in your page. if only you are here then we can have a bbq, no?
virtual hugs back to all of you!!!

Lirish said...

Happy Birthday Odette..May all your wishes and dream come true..have a great day.. :)



Oddette my God!! I don't know how I missed these posts this morning(actually I was interrupted this morning trying to read posts). I haven't been home much 2day and Fi bless her just reminded me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You can smite me and hate me.
Im sorry grovel grovel

living_with_ba said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Odette!!!...sorry it's late, I have the swine flu...oink, oink!

Odette said...

Its 10:38 pm and i'm a bit tipsy, hahaha. me and three other female friends had a light wine drink. here's a virtual toast to you!

Odette said...

i had posted a comment in your blog. i hope the hospital will attend to you as you're among the critical patient because of your existing illness.
i'll pray for your rapid recovery.
with much concern,


I'm glad you got a bit tipsy and had a good night!!!!

jen said...

Happy Birthday to you Odette!! Hope it's a fabulous one!!


Boysie Gonzaga said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Good health and more blessings from Him!



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