Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Call.

The "Call" had finally come!!!!

The call has been Kirst hope, her promise of better days. Yes, she assured herself, despite the frustartions of the past months, that someday the phone would ring with news that the hospital is now ready to operate on her. The dark side of The Call always has been that it might not come at all, a scenario too heavy to do anything with, but shrug aside as an impossibility.

Kirst had been in constant pain due to a stone blocking her bladder. She had gone through several operations which I cannot enumerate here, so better visit her page to understand why this is so important to her and to us her friends.

Let's pray that the operation will not be cancelled in the last minute, and that it will go smoothly and she will recover fast.

Good luck, Kirsty!!!



ooooow, thank you hun, that was so sweet!!!!!! What would I do without you!!! and Fi and Trace and Amy, you are all amazing people. Fingers crossed my future has begun !!!!!

Tracey said...

I will be thinking of her all day.
Good luck Kirst!!!!!!!!!!!

Angry American said...

Good luck Kirst. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Mimi said...

Good luck and I'm sending positive vibes to Kirst.


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