Saturday, November 1, 2008

Life's ripple.

When we look back to those days past, is it with fondness or regret? Did we make an effort to create special moments when our life give us an opportunity to do so? Will people remember us long after we are gone?

Too often we see our daily life as just that, a routine, that repeats itself day in and day out. Many times, we don't remember the things we did the next day, let alone a week later. We lose ourselves in the blur of the world around us and other times we are the blur in our own lives.

If we asked those people we have met during our lifetime what it is they remember about us, would they say something else, rather than "nothing!"?

The true measure of our contribution is seen, although seldom recognized, in the way those we love feel about us. Many of our contributions can never be known by us because they are part of the ripples as the direct effect we may have on the lives of others. We help someone and because of that, he or she is able to help someone else and so on. We may never know about that third person,or fourth person, but we had an effect on him, just the same.

There is always something of ourselves that we can share that will make a moment a special one. We can create our own special memories of our lives. And we should. Regardless of our age, I believe we owe it to ourselves to go out and not just do something ordinary, but do something memorable and maybe remarkable. How do we do it is up to us.

I was a recipient of someone's kindness the past days. It was overwhelming to be on the receiving end from someone who barely knew me, let alone a stranger from across the globe. This person is the type who would reach out to help people in need and never bothered if it gets recognized. He said he lived alone and unnoticed in their community.

No, my friend. You aren't invisible. You have touched our lives and had changed our future and we will always remember you. Your little gesture of kindness had made an impact into our lives and thus making the simple act a moment worth remembering...

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