Monday, November 3, 2008

Another sleep-deprived day.

Time flies so fast. I have not yet relish the short semestral break of the boys, and now I have to get up at 4 in the morning again to prepare breakfast for them. Classes started yesterday and like most single moms, I have to grope about in the kitchen with my still closed eyelid while going through the morning chores.

Today I cooked chicken-pork adobo for breakfast and for Cedric's lunch provision. I also fried three cod fish for my cat. The meat were very cold and very much melded together when I took then off the freezer. I didn't bother thawing them, I just put them all in the casserole thinking the ice will just melt away anyway when it is subjected to heat. Besides I don't have the luxury of time. Weekdays are always a busy day, they may be productive but in no way relaxing.

So while the activity in the stove is on going. I was also doing the laundry. And while I am sorting out clothes to put in the spinner, I kind of pause and think - why do we need to wash clothes? Why can't we just wear a soiled, smelly, dirty clothes for days on end, and just throw them away when it become so sticky we can hardly take them off our skin?

Just imagine how it would be walking in a crowded place and see the people breaking away giving you that needed space to walk on. Like the proverbial sea parting when Moses lead his men toward the promise land. Also if you have so many work in the office and doesn't want to be disturbed, what a better way to drive away people than a pungent smell as soon as they step into your cubicle. Its like a repellant that will drive them as far away from you as possible...duh!

See how the lack of sleep clearly affects my thinking, or cognitive processes? My sleep-deprived brain is truly running on four rather than eight cylinders. And this is happening to me everyday, 6 days a week.

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Anonymous said...

Ah! the days of getting up early to make breakfast! i sometimes miss them, mostly because i miss my daughters. but hopefully i'll get to see both of them over the holidays, and all of my grandchildren too. i so look forward to that.
please take care of yourself, and don't overdo it.


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