Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Men are from where, again?

There seems a common belief that women are more complicated than men. And women tend to assume that men are so easy to understand that there is no need to even try to understand them better. So when it comes to better understanding the opposite sex, it’s often the case that men feel defeated before they start and women barely see a need to start.

Or maybe because in our quest to understand men, we simply give up trying, having discovered that most men tend to have a vague outline of an idea on what they really want or need from their women. They always seem to say one thing, but end up doing something else. Now, that's so damn confusing, isn't it?

Well the little I know about men is that they are adventurers. They like to explore the unknown. Yet they also love to be given attention. But be warned ladies, too much attention can scare a man off in a heartbeat.

It is a fact too that men get bored easily with long conversations. They have the tendency to eventually "tune us out" and only pick up the following words -
sex, (just the mere mention of the word will make a man turn his head) food, money, free beer, sports, plasma screen, car, to name some.

Ask any man how his day was, and he will tell it to you in less than three minutes. Ask a woman, and you get a play-by-play walk through, that even an ESPN commentators would be jealous of, haha.

Men for the most part do not like exaggerations, they love highlights. And we women tend to be offended easily when men act as if they don’t care. Oh sure, maybe they do, but perhaps we just need to use small words and if the man is looking like he is tuning out, then end your next sentence with the word ‘sex’ and you will once again regain his full attention. (Just Kidding!) Ok, sorry for my silliness.

Well, I don't understand too why men seems to "selectively" listen, and why women has this deep desire to tell their men EXACTLY how they feel. When it comes to communicating, men and women differs in style. This is not their fault, it’s just their nature.

One more striking thing I noticed from men, is that they generally go on first impressions. They look at the exterior before they look “under the hood” so to speak. Dating is considered test driving and purchasing is considered a commitment.

Want to take a guess what repossession is considered?


Sid Brechin said...

Men are not all that hard to understand. Peter pan syndrome. We never grow up. I never met a man who wasn't 12 years old at heart.

My first wife once at a party once made a comment that I was impossible to figure out. One of my close friends replied "Sid is the easiest guy in the world to figure out. Just think what a 12 year old super genius would do and thats whats Sid will do, Only problem is most of us aren't super geniuses" The group including my wife agreed with him.

My niece once asked me why boys are so dumb. I told her there was a way to figure out how boys would behave. I ended up teaching her basic algebra to explain it. I told her you have to the group of males. Any males any age. You then count the number of males in the group and call it N for number of males. Then you take the age of the youngest member of the group and call it A for age. To figure out how they will behave divide A by N and you get B or the age the group will behave. May sound stupid but to be honest and I don't mean to insult my gender ( as if that is possible ) it is usually true.

What I didn't expect is she went to school and told the equation to her teachers. When I was introduced to her Principal she said " Oh this is the uncle who understands men & boys ".

We have an expression here "The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys"

Onto the other side of the coin. The thing which most confuses me about women. They say they are looking for certain things in men. Usually deep important and not shallow things. Such as loving heart, potential good father, ability to provide, a good listener, a family man. Then go out and by pass any men who have those qualities to chase looks fancy cars, loose morals bad behavior and generally make bad choices then complain about it. They should have seen all those things in the first place. Everyone else did.

When asked about what type of people someone should date or become involved with I give the same advice to both sexes. If your Grandparent's wouldn't approve of them neither should you. And your Grandparent's would make an effort to set you up with them you should definitely take a second look, or even a third.

It isn't that there aren't good men out there. It's that they have given up after seeing the men with no redeming qualities end up getting the girls that they had wished would notice them.

If I go to a dance and ask a girl to dance and she says no it hurts. I have learnt to ask another. But four no's in a row and I usually leave. Also ladies if you say no to one man others notice and out of fear of rejection themselves generally won't ask. Also if you are in a group and the members of your group say no a few times ( sometimes only once ) many men won't ask for fear that anyone in the group will reject them.

Unfortunately this only applies to the decent guys. The jerks will keep asking till they get "Lucky" they look for volume not quality. While some jerks (male) are impressed by their own volume. Women in general are not respected for volume. Neither are men but those men don't care.

It is said God gave men two heads but only enough blood to use one at a time.

Healer68 said...

WTF odette???? :o That was just plain MEAN (but true unfortunately). :( I, myself, respond to many many words durring the average conversation with women.

Words like: sex, food, muscle cars, Harleys (harley davidson motorcycles for those who don't know), boobies, Chevy small block engines, NFL, Mikes Hard Lemonaid, sex, oreo cookies, Chevy big block engines, boobies, Major Leage Baseball, blown engines with dual quads and a bottle of NOS, old sci fi movies,...did I mention sex? Anyway, the list goes on and on and on, but you get the idea. :D

As far as asking women to dance at bars and clubs, I can't dance so I never ask. And, I'm very fearful of being asked to by women I'm talking to so I try to change the subject if it comes up. I just ask if I can buy them a drink and hope to god I can remember their name after asking for the 3rd time.

As far as what planet men are from? Don't ask me. I'm still trying to trace my ion trail through the star charts.

Star said...

At time we women set ourselves up odette .. we dream before we see reality ... Sometimes we try to seek the love in men that we really need to seek in ourself..

Men are men .. We can't blame all the time .. we look in those that do not want to love as we do and turn away from the ones that truly love us .. willing to give us the world and the romance we seek ... We then realized it to late.. We lose them too

Now a day we are to free to choose .. Since many us women can do most of what men to .. We challenge their manhood and forget the real traditional home ..

We look for Pie dreams odette .. I know I don't need a man to care for my needs .. I work hard as a man and put dinner on the table .. but odette I can't raise my child with man's hand or knowleage .. Even though my girl has come home with high honors I can't play the role of both all the time ... and that does take a toll at times and I feel lonely then for a man in my home.. in hope I can let go of some of this pressure ..

As for sex dear we are to free in trying to be like men ( well not me haha nothing in ten years) but yet we are hold the dis-honors dear it our bodies that we dis-respect .. our temples .. we go to bars and clubs hoping we can pick up a husband and what we end up with STD or a man that has no respect for us because of were he met us ...

We rush to much odette in finding love in a man when we really nned to learn how to love ourselves first ..

I don't blame them for being the way they are at time .. lot of times it our own fault .. Living in a worlds of dreams and romance .. It time for us to wake up .. go for our goals .. make our on dreams come true and have no expection in any relationships we get into .. Just let it ride and see what comes of it .. If it meant to be a life time of love it would be if not then we still can hold our heads up high our legs closes and go on .. Love you sis


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