Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The lesser of two evil.

The smoke has cleared, the dust has settled, and now we see the last man standing.
Barack Obama is now officially the president of the United State.
Are Americans pleased and happy with the result? Here is one reaction I got from my friend Juni...

"the election? it's another one of those hold your nose and vote elections. we've just been handed the lesser of two evils every election cycle. i wonder, will we get what we want? or get what we deserve? either way it's scary with the economy the way it is. i seriously thought about voting for spongebob squarepants like my grandson kaleb asked me to. lol"

Does this mean that Americans have rejected the party of Bush (the bigger evil) and embraced a candidate who, in many ways, is his exact opposite? That the election was a negative referendum on Bush rather than a positive mandate for Obama?

So maybe, Bush and the economy were the fundamental dynamics of this election, huh? Of course, we are aware that the Bush administration has given the US two recessions during his term, and two unfinished wars. America is in a recession the likes of which we haven't seen since the early 1980s. The country is already 10 months into this recession and the country don't see any end in sight.

On the other hand, Obama ( the lesser evil) is not only youthful and black, articulate and cosmopolitan, he's also well to the left of Bush on many key issues. The man has been in politics for only four years and has never held any executive office. Obama's qualification was that he offered hope for a better America, or, as he put it, "change you can believe in".

Yet embracing a man so youthful and inexperienced, is a leap of faith.
America has hoped, voted, and taken the leap...


EdGeneer said...

Ill keep this brief.... as politics make me hemeridge opinion.

As for what Obama represents, I am pleased he won the election. We hope for real change, but politics and government as it is rarely brings change, other then the money i own changing hands from me to them. I was extremely refreshing to see the excitement in his win, and I was pleased with the hope his acceptance speech envoked... However, its just a speech, and political speeches are often cheerleading pep rallies. I hope it does bring some respect, stability, humility, and solidity to the USA...

It was nice to see the hope in many eyes of people really happy with the results, and that it may bring some change to the leadership in the US. WE are soooo sick of the crap brought through leaders such as the Bush crime family, and Dick Chaney's reign of elitist terror. These *ssholes as well as Rumsfeld, need to go to prison. Period... I dont have the time to type ALL the reasons why...

But, I personally voted for Ralph Nadar, just becasue I dont believe in the two headed, single party system that is more and more beginning to resemble the single reigning party in China. I realize that thats almost wasting my vote, Nadar has no chance in our system to win, but its my vote and I can do with it I want to. As for the two 'horses in the race', I am very happy Obama won. Lets just hope that the change he speaks of doesnt result only in the change in faces lying and deceiving us in Washington.

I am alot more proud of our president now that its someone with intelligence, a sense of values and dignity, as well as someone that has a little more respect from other nations, yes, in the end, that does matter. That vicious, narrowminded, elitist idiot we had for the past 8 years should be in jail, and is nothing short of embarassing. I do hope that the good feelings I and many Americans have for Obama isnt for nought, and we can see some good things happen. I hope to see positive decisions and respectable actions from our government, but, I realize its alot to ask.

It difficult to put this election and my feelings about it in a few paragraphs, but in closing, I do have a positive feeling about it. People seemed to feel a sense of relief and of hope and that the light at the end of the tunnel got, if only a little, just a little brighter....

Do us proud Obama... We need it....

Anonymous said...

yes, we have been bombarded with lots of crap basically. i would call it crap any way. while obama is a good speaker, he doesn't say anything. when he does say something, people try to figure out what it means. like he wants to create a civilian security force? no one can understand why, when we have the military and the national guard. it's kind of scary in a way. it reminds me of the hitler youth movement
i don't have much optimism. we are living in troubled times, and it seems like it's affecting the entire world. yet i guess as long as you hold those who are dear to you close to your heart, things will eventually work themselves out.

Healer68 said...

This is disgusting and makes me sick. I was visiting a friend on election night. We watched the elections off and on. We also were disgussing the ditry little secret about Obama.

Most of the people here in the US, and about 99.99999 percent of the world has no clue about Obama. Yet, many of you either voted for him, or support his fake a**, empty words. All the while, hoping beyond hope he'll actually make positive changes for us, the citizens of the United States of America. Now, I'm not talking about race here so don't give me any bulls**t that I'm just another "pastey white cracka trying to keep a brotha down".

The facts is, Obama was born in another country. It makes no difference which one cause it wasn't the US. Days later, his mother flew to Hawaii and had his papers transfered. Some of you say "who gives a s***t?"

Well...guess what? The SOB, by US Federal law, is NOT ALLOWED to run for the office of President of the United States of America. I know some of you don't believe me. I know some of you actually think this isn't possible.

Well, lest look at his past. He majored in law in two of America's BEST, Ivy League colleges. After he passed the bar exam, he worked as an attorney for a civil rights orginization. Then, out of nowhere, he was made a US Government official in a way that was nearly impossible to have happened without inside connections.

I don't know much about the qualifications for serving in the US Senate or US House of Reps. But, I learned way back in high school that, YOU MUST BE BORN IN THE US to even qualify to run for the office of President of the United States of America. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! !!!THAT'S THE LAW PEOPLE!!!

Obama has, at no time, presented his original birth certificate. In fact, there are several US states who have been trying to dig up his records and find out if he even HAS a US birth certificate. Kinda strange no?

I know some of you are probably thinking that I'm crazy or full of s**t. But, riddle me this you really think that this man, educated in US law, by the best colleges the US has to offer law students, wouldn't be capible of hiding a paper trail like that?

Not only that, do you actually think that he wouldn't have powerful connections in high enough places to make sure this issue has a paper trail as long as the Mississippi River? Again, keep in mind, he was educated in two of the best colleges in the USA. (Are you starting to see the connection yet?)

Personally, I don't really give a damn if McCain OR Obama got into office. Neither one is going to do jack s**t except make a bad situation worse. In my eyes, EdGeneer is right. There IS no lesser of two evils. They both suck and have both been spewing a bunch of hot air and empty words.

As a side note, if it turns out that Obama really isn't a natrual born US citizen, then he has commited a MAJOR Federal felony. This scares me to death. All over the US, for some time now, the police have been training their cops to cope with riots in case Obama lost.

However, if it's discovered that the first black american elected President of the United States was not even a natural born citizen, he will not only be inpeached, he'll be put on trial in a Federal court of law and most likey be tossed in a Federal Pen for at least a while.

If you, like me, thought there was a powder keg about to go off if Obama lost the election, this mess is going to blow the lid off of race relations between blacks and whites like a 10 megaton nuclear warhead. I pray to god I'm already in Manila (and god help us all) if and when it happens.

If anybody would like to argue this issue with me, along with thousands of other US citizens, as well as the US states who are investigating Obama's past, then please. I beg you!!! Provide doctumented proof that Obama has an official, noterized, US birth certificate from Hawaii. I really don't want to see this country end up in a civil war of this bulls**t.

Banging Beaver said...

Talking down Obama and his administration even before he actually starts to run this country makes you guys look like idiots and idiots you are.

Healer68 said...

Time will tell Beaver.

Anonymous said...

I hope Obama will work out okay, who knows. I voted for him I don't want 4 years more like the last 8. I'm not really really liberal but I'm certainly not really conservative either. I don't want the international community to hate my country like Bush has made us. I'm now part of the 90,000 factory workers laid off.

TheKnight777 said...

Time will always tell


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