Friday, November 14, 2008

At gun point.

Hmmm.., it seems folks in the US have been buying up guns in record numbers since the election. And Obama winning it, has triggered a gun sales boom nationwide.
An article I have read in the New York Times says, that a general manager of Federal Firearms Company had been fielding about 30 calls a day from people interested in buying assault-type rifles, especially semi-automatic weapons, often with magazines that could hold lots of ammunition.

Why? Is there a growing fear of an increase in crime rates? Or are they just stacking on it as investment - like it's a better buy than gold?

Or simply because, the human race hasn't changed over the millennium. There are still good people and bad people, kind people and cruel people. There are still predators who will prey on people they think are too weak to defend themselves.
We all know that criminals are by definition lawbreakers and don't obey gun-control laws. Why? Will it be a consolation to you that police may later charge the man who murdered you with the additional crime of "possession of a firearm by a felon"?
That won't buy you a ticket out of the cemetery, you're history!

Unless we're super heroes, we cannot hit a man beyond the distance of our outstretched arm, nor can we kick a man beyond the length of our leg. But a man with a gun can stand 15 yards away and shoot us. And unlike Jackie Chan or Jet Li, we don't have a scriptwriter who will determine how the fight will end.

But owning a firearm for self-defense is a serious business. A gun is an inanimate object. If it's loaded, cocked and the trigger is pulled, the gun will kill or maim anybody who happens to be in front of the barrel. Responsible ownership is still the key, folks....



Healer68 said...

The reason why americans are buying up everything with a trigger is because that useless, d**kweed, liberal, sissy we now call President Elect Obama has no clue what he's doing. Not when it comes to war, not when it comes to foreign policy, and sure as HELL not when it comes to crime. And yet, he's in the "Exectutive Branch" of our government. The same branch in charge of law enforcement and Commander in Cheif of our military. Makes sense don't it?

My guess is, that over grown geek is a total pu**y and has never even been in a true blue, knock down, drag out, smash mouth street fight. Well, I have. And I doubt, very highly, he has ever been held up at gun or knife point. Well, my brother in law has.

Now a days, chances are really good that if a POS excuse for a human being puts you in that situation, even if you give him everything you own, plus your own mother, he'll STILL blow your damn face off, laugh at you, and brag about it later.

Like Odette said, the people who will purpetrate the worst, armed crimes prey on defenseles people. 80 year old women using walkers, 80 old men who can barely get in and out of their own cars, and unsuspecting women and men who never even see it coming.

Here in Ohio, there have already been elderly women who have shot at burglars before they even make past the doorway. Don't mess with granny you lamers. She might be packing heat and put a hole in your head. And I'll be watching the news, cheering her on and laughing my a** of at you losers when she does.

However, without their gun, how long do you think those same elderly women would've lasted before they got their heads bashed in or been plugged full of led? The results would've been VERY different, and very greusome.

Then you have the "thugs and gangstas in da hood". They're retarded enough to actually pull a damn gun on any law enforcement officer who tells them to freeze, even when they have their side arm drawn. Real smart. But, if they do that kind of s**t to a cop, WTF do you think they'll do to you or I?

They're also the brainless wonders who solve almost every argument by pulling a gun, shooting first and never asking questions. Usually they'll just call you names afterwards. Yeah, you're real billy bad asses, you punk a** chicken s**ts.

The facts are, the states that have a "conceal-carry" law are also the states with the lowest crime rates. The number of muggings are lower. The number of car jackings are lower. The number of home break ins are lower.

Why? Simple. The chicken s**t criminals know it's not a good idea to prey on somebody if you're not sure whether or not they're packing a piece. Chances are, there's a gun just inside a woman's purse that's easier to reach than her credit cards. And the average guy might have one tucked underneath his shirt, just like the junky, icehead, crackhead, or whomever else wants to mug him. And, that includes the afore mentioned ghetto trash.

But, the real problems with all of this are simple. Most of the men and women who have a license to carry a firearm are law abiding citizens. If they carry one around with them in public, most likey they also have a conceal carry license.

If the US government changes the laws and take our guns away, who do you think will be the ONLY people who are walking around with pistols, sub-machine guns, assault rifles and who knows what else? Not to mention, every last one of them will be collecting these guns illegally. They'll be buying them illegally (which also means no sales tax is collected), filing off the registration numbers so it's almost impossible to trace, and STILL blow people away like clay pidgins. Yeah Obama and US Congress, that's sounds like a plan.

One VERY important thing the a**holes like Obama forget. The US government will not only be taking our guns, they'll be taking away one of our constitutinoal rights. Honestly. To all the idiots who voted for Obama, I'd like to ask you; are you actually retarded enough to think taking away that constitutional right will stop there?

Bush already pushed through, without even a congressonal vote, the laws to tap our phones, internet traffic, and anything else law enforcement thinks is neccessary to stop terrorism. WITHOUT a warrent. The whole country just about s**t ourselves over that one.

What's Obama going to do next? Is he really going to be that much different than Bush in that respect? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Its seems like axing ur own leg, hope americans can make the barrage before the water flows away..god save america!!

Star said...

It is sad to read articles which speak so much about guns, crime and proverty .. I being a Commutiy Organizor, I think in one of the worst areas .. See how guns in the wrong hands can be used ...

I have lost already two nephews and one of my dearest friends to illegal guns place in the hands of young men ...

One was Felix .. 19 years old a 9mm was emptied in his face .. Bye Three of the lowest form of human being there could ever be...Then they draged him to the back of the alley way and stabed him 14 times to make sure he was dead .. These men just watch as Felix bleed to death and laugh at their victim... I was called after Felix body was removed to go in .. I had to see Felix blood puddle from the begining of the alley all the way to the back .. Were he finally died .. Felix was my best friend and for me to see this finally took me over the egde.. I could not even go to his funneral because I was burnt out from his death ..

What gets me is that all three were in jail already for postion of illegal firearms ..

In fact I was called in to get one of them to give up the guns he had in school in the locker... When I did finally convince the young man .. We took out One double riffle and to loaded 38s ..

The very same one that stabed my dearest friend making sure felix was dead ... The very same one that I stood fighting the court sytem to keep this guy in jail for shooting some one else a couple fo months before .. Felix was the most sweetest person you could ever meet.. I would miss him dearly and think about him every moment I have to go out in the fields..

My nephew was shot in the head by a 21 year old that was fighten and started to shot off the gun like a mad man .. One of the bullets bounce off the hood of my nephew's car and hit him directly into the head ... My nephew died a couple hour later .. I had to stand there and watch my nephew lay with a bullet in his head die... He was like my younger brother ..w e grew up together .. studies tai chi, meditations and martical arts .. Him and I were always together praticing ..You think Van dam was good hmm he had nothing on my nephew...I still have his swords and keep them in a safe place ..The young man only got 7 years in prision .. Because he was the nephew of an Police officer... Every court session I would be there thinking of my nephew .. Just sitting thinking how two lives are gone and wil never be the same .. Never me saying a word even when my family had the chance to say something to the judge I just sat there looking at the young ...could no even hate him for what he had done ...Only felt sorry for him .. pitty .. I think

15 people in one night where shot by cross fire in between two gangs at a festival.. three were killed and one little 7 year boy was clinging for his life by the time this was all over ...

47 people were shot over the period of the Summer .. One was a little girl that was sleeping in her daddy's van .. she died as soon as the bullet enter her little skull .. Another one was a 3 year old little boy .. sleeping in his crib .. a bullet from two rivals gangs went thru the wall and killed the little boy while sleeping .. I can go on all night writting of stories of how illegal guns in the wrong hands can be such a mess ...

Sad think about it that these stories I did not read but lived first hand in being in the field of work I do ... I have had to go to the locations and see these bodies still on the ground .. waiting to be taken to the morge ..
I have to stand with the families of these children and not know what to say .. I have had to let these mothers cry on my shoulders and thinking of this was my son or daughter.. I would have ended my life right there ...
Feeling that I have failed and let these people down .. These children that never knew what hit them ..

Watching as some were taken of life support and thier mother's cry .. Letting go of thier most valued gift ... God had given them ... I have gone to many funnerals of young men that were taken away in the begining of thier lives... I, myself had been shot in the leg by a bullet meant for someone else ..

We worry about the wars in other countries when there are many hiddens wars here ... America has allowed this country to become a shooting gallery and now more guns are beinging put in the hands of crazy people ..

In the News recently another young girl lays in a grave and the shooter in jail.. Both only 15 years old .. And the shooting was in a school where the children should be safe ...

Can someone tell how many more lives will be
taken or distoried before America wakes up ... How many more families do I have meet in these wars in our own country ....

Many of times I have had to face an 9mm in my face because a drug dealer wants me to stop working the area .. were his has little children selling his dam drugs ... or him having little girls as his thing things ... And I doing my job day in and night trying to get these kids back in school ...

DaM don't need anymore guns legal or ilegal in the streets I have enough to worry about ... with what on the streets now ... I don't need to see more bodies or mothers crying ...

There is no need in this country or in any other country to have so many guns flowing.. Give me a break already .. I want to come home one night and be able to sleep and not see in my dreams anymore dead children ... i am tired ... Of worrying already .. Put the guns and hate to rest not the children ...

Anonymous said...

not surprized to know that americans r very keen in own a weapon..most of the americans r not peace loving. very nice writeup.. come here and be a journalist... ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

So you feel that if america takes guns away, this will stop criminals from using them???? no, this will only stop law abiding citizens from the ability to defend themselves... I hate it when people argue the ability to own guns... if all the guns were not here, people would kill with banana, then you would hate bananas.... whats next???

i say, take all the criminals away.... but noone has the balls to impliment that....


Healer68 said...


It's sad but true Ed. Not only that, too many repete offenders are being let out then killing for the 1st time or 2nd or 3rd etc. Truth be told, if we finally rounded up all the violent criminals who own guns illegally, we'd fill up a large city. It's an impossible job because every new generation adds new criminals.

Many of them "learn the ropes" from their own family members. A "tradition" handed down from father to son, older brother or cusin to younger, etc. And, there will ALWAYS be more than enough guns to supply their violent life styles and mentalities.

God help us all if the US government strips us of our right to defend ourselves.

Healer68 said...

I'd like to correct myself on my last comment. I should've said that if each state rounded up all the violent criminals who have guns illegally they would fill a very large city.

Anonymous said...

most of us ARE peace loving but it's the animals that have guns illegally who cause us so much fear that many of us carry guns and can't live in peace.
it used to be that the suburbs were safe enough not to need gated communities. now the whole country is a different world all they need is a set of wheels and they can go anywhere and rob and kill now they have a thing they call "joy riddin".
teen aged boys steal cars and drive them around untill they are caught or the car is destroyed not suprisingly niggers do most of this and they love to steel nice cars too. joy ride used to mean a nice ride in the country or something like that but as usual the niggers have turned it into something horrible

Anonymous said...

Very accurate use of the "N" word. Not my first choice but in this case who cares if it's PC?


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