Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just chillin'.

Phew! so ok... I am stressed from too much thinking, I feel sluggish because I lack sleep and on top of that I feel lousy because things didn't turn out the way I expect them to be. So, how can I chill out so I would feel a lot better and not vent it on the kids when I get home? There are many ways I could think of...

1. Hit the gym. Yeah, I would love to spin and kick and even go to yoga classes to ease the stresses of the day. I love to feel my heart pounding hard and be out of breath till my lungs hurt.
But I don't have a membership in any fitness studio, so scratch that out.

2. Crank up the stereo in the car and belt along with the music as I commute back home.
Nice, except that I don't have a car anymore. I don't drive and going home from the office only takes me 10 minutes on a tricycle.

3. Take a walk on the beach to relax. Feeling the sand between my toes and smelling the salty ocean air would definitely work magic on my sagging mood.
Pretty good. However, I don't live near an ocean. The only sand I see is the sand box where my cat poops.

4. Unwind by taking a hot shower, put on my pajamas, wrap myself up in a cozy blanket with a cup of tea and put on a good movie.
Hmmm... too bad, I don't have a water heater at home, and my cat and her kittens had invaded my bedroom big time, that it has turned into a nursery of sorts.

5. Fix dinner slowly and concentrate on what I'm doing. It feels good to make a homemade, healthy dish. Plus, all the chopping I have to do helps relieve tension.
Yeah, yeah...I always tell that to myself, sometimes it help but most of the time it didn't. Besides, that's what I do every night, so that's nothing new.

6. Write a blog. It helps me unwind and vent my frustrations without looking immature in front of other people. When I read what I've written, it helps me determine if I'm truly upset or if I'm just being silly.

Most times I'm glad I've kept my stresses to myself. Now you know why you are reading this.


Sachin Malhotra said...

nice blog...
pls visit my website and blogs...and share ur reviews with me...

thank you.....

adityamalhotra said...

the idea and concepts are very clear, lots of things get matched between two persons but very rare will share that, i feel very nice when with open mind some one share its perssonel thing . few now a days in this materialistic life will able to think about small happenings and very few will share the same .
Its happen with all of us that we are forced to be talk smart things which make us un natural from inside sometimes , to flow with life , to act as we are borned , to be true matter most... that thing i find in you ,,, take care buck up it motivates me ,,, ur articles are good .

Banging Beaver said...

I could do all that you have mentioned but in dire situations i would just get some new music, smoke a joint and just enjoy the evening with double cheese, double pepperoni pizza.

Star said...

Everyone has a way of letting lose .. myself most of the time I like to be alone .. listening to music, reading and sewing .. but the best time I feel good is looking at nature and taking pics .. Thu my lens I can so many things that a naked eye can not .. Another way I release stress is by coming here and seeing that even though I am mostly alone in my home .. I am not alone in the world .. love you sis


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