Thursday, October 30, 2008

Something to smile about.

What? A smile stylist? What the heck is that?

I was browsing through the internet the other day and I come across an ads about make-over smile, where a procedure is done to enhance one's smile and the person performing such procedure is called a cosmetic dentists. This makes me thoughtful and made me ask myself. Does our time become so desperate that people even have to resort to a medical procedure to come up with a perfect smile? And when does one's smile become perfect?

With the current economic and political atmosphere, it seems that even the cheapest commodity have become scarce. People just don't find reason to smile anymore, or if they do, it is a forced smile.

You see, no two smiles are ever the same. A polite smile or a forced one produce a different muscle pattern than does a spontaneous smile. Sometimes we even need to rely on subtle cues to know when a person is trying to hide physical pain or emotional anguish behind a mask of a smile. It takes an interest from someone who wants to tell if a smile may be lying. There is more to smiling than just moving the lips. If we are truly happy, it radiates and shows in the twinkle of our eyes.

For those who have watched the movie Lords of the Ring, maybe you remember the scene near the end when Frodo boards the ship with the elves at the Grey Havens to leave Middle-Earth forever. He embraces each of his friend, then board the ship. And as he sails away, he looks back with an unforgettable smile, a smile that says - "You were everything to me, and I will carry you in my heart forever". It is a perfectly full smile, brimming with all the bitter sweetness of love and loss.

A smile is always perfect if it comes from within, and I don't think any cosmetics what-have-you, could top that. A smile is the cheapest and most effective gift you can give to a random stranger. It will have an effect on the person we are smiling at, and it will also have an effect on us.

So go ahead, share the most perfect smile you got. Practice creating a half-smile from time to time throughout the day. How do you do this? Place a pen or pencil between your teeth and it forces a half-smile. The purpose of this is to notice the difference in how your body and mood feels after doing this. As i said earlier, no two smiles are the same, every smile is custom designed for the individual.

Smile, who knows, you may be that random person who can changed the entire day of someone in one second. Or you could be a friend who made one's life brighter.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing dear~vinni

Star said...

When I was growing up there were very few times I would smile .. My mother never believed nor trusted people that smile .. She always told me that behind someone's smile there is always something bad that they were planning to do to one .. I hardly ever seen my mother smile .. But I do remember when I got that call that my mother was dieing .. how I got in my car and travel all night to see her before she would leave me for good.. I could not bare the thought of losing her and not telling her how much she ment to me .. as it had happen with my dad ..

Everyone was waiting for me to get there since I have always been the one always living far away.. They told me she was waiting for me .. She wanted to tell me something .. They felt that only reason she was still holding on was because of me ..

As I walked in the room .. I seen this lady that I had always admired her strenght laying in a hospital bed with life support .. As I got closer I seen her smile thru the mouth piece .. A smile I would never forget .. A smile I had never seen her have before ..

It made me realize how much she missed her little girl and how much I had miss her ..

You see my mother and I never seen eye to eye in anything .... She was really not there for me .. I mean she kept me in good life never needing anything .. always making sure that I had the best ..

But that smile that I needed from her I never got until that day ....

I stood near her bed and I just looked at that smile .. I had ask her if she loved me even as the way I was ... She signed for me to sit near her ....

When I sat near her she ask me to help her move the mouth piece .. She again smile but in pain and told me she was not going to leave me .. the because she knew I was not ready to let her go.. that she loved me and all her chidren but that she knew I would always be diffrent and once again she smile and called me her little Norita .. She said that my smile would always be with her ... I sat there the rest of the night .. holding her hand ...

Well she made thru another year and since then I have always tried to bring a smile to someones face evn when I felt empty ..

The day she finally did pass away I was again far from her .. I got the call early morning .. they said she died the morning and that she was asking for me ...

I traveled all that night and when I did finally reach her .. to say my last good byes .. I remember that night we spent together and that smile .. Before they took her away for the last time .. I told her "Mom it okay .. you can let me go now and fine the peace with him.. " That God would care for her now and I kiss her and smile...

So there is no price no cost in a smile unless you wait until the very last moment in your life to share a smile .. The price you pay is higher then any cost ..

Never forgot to share your joy .. with a friend, family , or even a stranger .. Share the love of life and the glory of our Father's love with a smile .. You would see how much wonders it does ...

And what you recieve has no price tag ... Smile always no matter what you feel and you will see that things are not as bad ...


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