Thursday, October 9, 2008

So difficult yet...

I have been without a househelp since November. It's the first time since I lived away from home that I was left to attend to household work, because even when I was single and living independently, I have a helper that attended to domestic chores.

I really hate doing laundry, much more to iron clothes! Then there's room to clean, beds to make, pets to feed, closet to fill, plants to water, table to set, dishes to wash and so on.. it overwhelms me just thinking about it especially when I have three kids who all need my time and attention on a regular basis. I sometime wonder how to balance my time, but then i remind myself that while i do have 3 kids, they're all grown ups and could already help me with the chores. Besides some couple even have 5, 6, or seven, so three shouldn't be difficult.

Indeed, we manage quite fine although I need to post "what-to-do" list in every conceivable area in the house to remind my kids of their chores. Teaching my sons to do house work was most rewarding, it felt good seeing my family busy working during weekends. You just felt some sense of pride inside you that nobody else will be in the position to claim at that very moment.

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