Sunday, October 19, 2008

Love at first byte.

People are meeting and falling in love all over the world via the Internet. Some are finding what they feel are their true soul mates...and yet others are finding real heartache and disappointment.

Right now, the internet has become one of the biggest markets for love and relationships. The rapid increase of dating sites in the net only indicates that more people are using it to find love that they wouldn't otherwise be able to find, if it weren't for modern technology. And of course there are those who just want to have a cyber love affair, hoping this will be a satisfying outlet and still keep their "real life" relationship intact.

So what drives people to online romances? Is it because of its accessibility? It is a known fact that you can log on anytime and find someone to talk to. There are thousands of people online, and while you could never meet them all in real life, on the Web you can meet maybe 20 different men in an average evening.

I suppose anonimity too can be very attractive since Web contact is largely nameless, it feels very safe. You can be honest about what you're saying because you will probably never meet your correspondent. Or, you can be dishonest and spin a fantasy, conceal your worst side and elaborate only on your positive characteristics.

While acknowledging that the Internet is a different sort of meeting place, the relationships established there do not seem to be much different from relationships established anywhere else. In fact, for the hopeless romantics (like me,.. ha ha), many hope that online relationships will have a better chance of succeeding because it start from the inside - from communication, and work its way out. I believe that true romance cannot continue solely online forever.

One just have to be patient, to take time to know the potential partner well before engaging seriously in the relationship. One has to allow it to flourish to become a real romance and a great and long lasting relationship.


Star said...

I never believe in love at first sight never alone love at first byte ..

To me many just came in a mask hidding their true thoughts and emotions ..

Maybe trying to get a little cyber thrill on my account ...

Hiding the real person they are .. SO I as the years pass by would politely decline any offers ...

Until now ... This last year or so I had been going thru alot of changes and the last thing I wanted was to get involved with anyone ...

But when love hits you right in the heart it is hard to walk away .. Believe I put a poor man that did not deserve the way I was treating thru hell ...

He stood by me no matter what I would do to him to get him away .. No matter how I treated him in front of our roomies ..

He said He knew I love him and he was not going to give up ..

And dam he was so right ... I love him and our relationship though the net, phone, and via mail is as real to me as a face to face one ...

His words alone have given me so much support and hope .. That I thank God I did get to meet him over the net ...

Love has no boundry ... Love is a floating spirit that will fine it way thru your heart may it be on the street or on the net ...

Maybe on day we can be together and not need the net... but for now ... This is the next to best thing ...

Healer68 said...

There's another aspect of the web. The webcam. My girlfriend is a sexy babe who is well educated, very clever and wonderful person. How do I know?

Not just because of the months of chatting in IMs. Not just because of the things she says to me in IM and email. But, because I can see her face on cam.

Yes, there are MANY "players" out there who are good actors. They are also total scum bags, losers and amature scam artists. Some are just plain sick, twisted and sadistic who love to pray on people just because they can.

However, even though you can keep a good lie going in text in many mediums, a cam is hard to fool all of the time. And, the willingness to use the cam at different times, not just when you're "perpared" to, is a pretty good way to spot somebody who is full of themesves or just plain full of s**t. Not fool proof, but fairly accurate.

Another good indicator of a player is when the wonderfull conversations and fun times start to become a chronic "ask you a favor", which 99.999% of the time is about money. Then you know it's time to delete them from your friends list and even block them if need be.

As for me and my g/f, things haven't gone that route. We both enjoy talking to each other because we enjoy each other's company. And, we've made plans for me to move there and spend the rest of our lives together.

I'm not saying the relationship will be perfect monitarily. But, no matter what, we'll be happy. I can feel it in my bones. :D

SidBrechin said...

I met my second wife on the net when such things were still unheard of. In fact I proposed in an internet cafe by using one of their computers in Frederiction to access my own in Toronto over 600 miles away to display a page of Roses and poetry. She said yes and the paper had photos of it on the front page of the life section the next day.

While it is true you can get to know someone on the inside much better by what they say how they say it and how quickly they come up with those responses this was when it was email rather than chat being used and I got some false impressions. Problem was not only was she reading the email but so was her best friend her Mom and her daughter. Not a bad thing really but the impression I ended up with was not that of my future wife but a melding of her girlfriend mother daughter and herself.

I am presently talking to a lady via the net and we have been just over 8 months now. I know in many ways we are good for each other but we have yet to meet in person.

This isn't new, pen pals so called mail order brides and other varitations have been around a long time what is new is instant feedback.

I am reminded of a joke where a boy asks how long it will take to make his coffee and the mother says a minute. His reply is if it takes a minute why do they call it instant.

TheKnight777 said...

It seems to me that the word Love is sometimes used in context with Sex.

To Love another person takes a great deal of patience and giving of ones self in all things mutual.

Where to start this romance? By being honest with one another for starts.

There are ways to read between the lines about ones intentions.

Even in the RL people have the same expectations as do we who are looking for friends and sometimes develop into more.

Still patience is a Virtue that all should develop.

Mandingo7 said...

Love your blog area! You are quite talented and very creative! You are also very beautiful! Just be patient, we'll connect! We'll have our chatz soon enough! Until then, stay sweet! .........................Mel aka "Mandingo7"


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