Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pleasant surprises comes in twos.

Last week, a classmate from grade school informed me that a reunion will be held in our school this coming summer vacation and they wanted me to be there. Then, two days after, another classmate in college sent me a text message about a reunion they are cooking up, also in April. Boy, I was so happy to be in touched once more with friends from school.

Indeed, school friends are my most important relationship outside my family. They provided me with love, support, understanding and joy. Even when I created a circle of friends in campus, yet every single one in my class, and all the other students I had interacted with in the past, no matter how trivial the connection maybe, had made a contribution in molding me into the person I am today.

It is my relationship with them that helped me expand and alter my perception of things around me, and in return, these things started to change according to how I perceive them to be.

I am now excited to see and reconnect with old friends. But which reunion I'm going too?

Now, I'm in dilemma...

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