Thursday, October 9, 2008

A parent's emotional turmoil.

My children are growing up faster than I could blink. Tido is now in college and my youngest, Cedric is already in high school. Now, more than ever, I realized that parenting is never easy and it gets harder as children become adolescent, teens and adults, with their ever-expanding understanding of the world (or so they think), and constant questioning of their parents techniques.

It seems that the older my sons get, and the bigger their world becomes,the less perfect their parents seemed to them. They become disrespectful of the rules we set at home and would repeatedly ignore complying with it.

Indeed hard times provide a great opportunity for stress to come in. They still could not understand why other kids enjoys some perks while they could not, why peers are being provided for by their parents with lots of things, while they pretty don't have much of anything!

As a parent, all I want is to provide for my children even if it kills me. Economics notwithstanding, I could not tell my boys to eat less, want less or dream less.
As a child, it makes me more understanding of my parent as well.

Looking back, I realize the impact of the times I answered back, acted spoiled, and disobeyed. It must have broken their hearts, as it does mine when my children do it to me.


EdGeneer said...

Raising children alone is tough, especially with 3. My mother raised me and my brother and sister by herself, and though we struggled, I knew then, and especially know now, she did an increadable job. I commend her, and I am sure your children know the difficult task you do for them on a daily basis, even though they may not say so often, if at all... One of the best quotes I ever heard was from a wealthy childless individual to a father of 4 , "You're the richest man I know!"

I know money shouldn't matter, but it does, especially when there is not enough. Youre doing a wonderful thing, and a great job, so don't ever forget that!!!


Star said...

Hi sister ... being a single parent myself of a daughter with Autism and a son with so much angier inside I know ... raising your sons by yourself too was hard .. so girl I give you much credit and respect .. love you

Your sis.. starlight

Healer68 said...

Hey star. Hope you're doing better. Never having kids, as well as being a guy, I haven't had much opportunity to be a single mother myself. But, you're a very strong woman odette, and very good person inside and out. Keep on keepin on. ;)


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