Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gloom amidst the celebration.

T'was an exciting and busy month, what with people coming in and going out in succession. First, an auntie arrived from Canada and had invited me to a lunch at Rockwell. This gave me a chance to see my cousins too and we had great conversations.

Then a few days after, another auntie flew in from New York. And while waiting for her flight to Bacolod, she opted to come to the house to kill time. Wow, got so many beautiful things as pasalubong! That same week, my best friend in Boston texted me that she's at the airport waiting for her flight to Dumaguete. No chance to meet though, because she's so eager to be at the hospital where her dad has been confined for a lingering illness.

I'm pretty certain that families with their balikbayans are rejoicing for the chance to be together once again. Family reunions truly provide a touching example of Filipino cultures and we never lack of it.

But in the midst of these celebration came sad news of death. Tito Jun died while Ann was still at the airport, and the news of uncle Ted's death was doubly painful because my auntie was miles away when this happened. She had to cut short her visit to attend to the funeral and my kids had to do away with there supposed "shopping spree" with Tita Elsa.

Now, gloom descended upon my kids...

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