Saturday, October 11, 2008

Someone in the family is having a baby!

Just when I think that our life is running smoothly, our pet cat comes home with more than she went out with…..

All that affectionate behavior and cute rolling around she’s been doing for the past week or so hasn’t been for our benefit after all – she’s been in season and has been anxious to get outside and call for any Tom, Dick or fur-covered Harry to mate with. And now, out of the blue, I'm going to be a grandparent to a litter of kittens and yet I have no idea when that might be.

I really don't know how long i have to wait to see her newly born, cute and fluffy kittens. In fact, I also don't have any idea that my lovely, pregnant cat is ‘with kittens’ until she is five or six weeks into her pregnancy and starts to show certain signs. By the time I begin to suspect that my cat is pregnant, more than half of it have passed by. I certainly noticed that her belly is becoming larger and more rounded as she takes on the distinctive pregnant shape.

Me and the kids are excited to see her litters, but we also worry because we don't know how long will the pregnancy last and when our cat's labor is about to start.
For some time now, I’ve been able to see her kittens moving about in her belly quite clearly. It may not be very long now.

The approaching birth of her kitten is mounting...



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EdGeneer said...

Kittens are always fun, as long as they will all have a good home... Also make sure you make a safe warm place for her to birth them, and let her know its there...

You're in for trouble if you keep all the mischeivous kittens, they are cute, but WILL take over your home :) hehehe, so call some friends and give them good homes :)


Healer68 said...

I told you not to let your cat roam (rolls eyes). An indoor cat is healthier and lives longer. You really should have her get all the vaccinations too if you have an outdoor cat. FIV may not kill a cat but FIP will and most times very quickly. :(

Anonymous said...

i have a full grown cat named pooky who loves to cuddle up with me. she also likes to have her tummy rubbed! and when she thinks i'm not paying enough attention to her, she head butts me. i don't know what i would without her around. i'm so used to her being here now.


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