Sunday, May 31, 2009

I still wish it was Betty...

OMG. Archie is going to ask one of them to get married!!! Awesome, and I am totally voting for Betty!

What am I talking about?!

I'm talking about the characters in Archie Comics . Ring a ding ding to you?

No? Yes?

After 68 years, Archie has apparently made his choice and I am not surprised Archie picked Veronica... although of course I am sad, but i guess that is the logical choice at this time (2009). Veronica is outgoing, has money, and is appealing. She has no obligations or responsibilities. During this time of economic struggles, who wants anything less?! He can party, she can pay. He may have to endure the snotty attitude, but what man hasn't had to make sacrifices in a relationship (been happening since the dawn of time with PMS, ha ha ha).

First, there's the money. Secondly - and this really should be first, actually - Archie has always been hot for Veronica. She makes him crazy. He's willing to do anything for even a kiss. Sure, Betty will fix his car and bake muffins and generally diminish herself in a variety of helpful ways, but sex appeal is pretty much innate.

It's all a little ridiculous, really - but maybe Archie's choice has always been meant to represent some sort of archetypal choice between wholesome American values and a sort of worldly decadence.

I always have an old fashion sense however, when it comes to romance. So okay, Veronica may be hotter, but Betty's the better girl! I hope Archie makes the right call! When Archie gets his head out of his rear end he will realize that Betty is the person for him, because she has always love him even when he was with Veronica.

Even though Archie is fixated with Ronnie, if you look on the other side, he and Betty share the same style, they have everything in common and have been through a lot together. It seems only a matter of time until he finally wises up to exactly how evil Veronica is, and turns around for comfort in Betty, only to notice that here was this perfect, faithful girl, all along.

Veronica lives in luxury - she can waste money as though it is as available as oxygen. She travels to school in a limo, has the fanciest pool in Riverdale and the sexiest custom-made outfits. Archie absolutely never has any money, and is forever borrowing from Veronica, which she throws massive fits over. ... if Veronica has such expensive tastes, if she is so hot, if she has dated far superior men.. then what the hell is she doing with Archie anyway? This implies that she truly is merely dating Archie to ensure that Betty does not get him for herself.

How about you? Do you agree with Archie's choice?


Mimi said...

I've always rooted for Betty!

Amy said...

I too say Betty?! even though i have never heard of this lol! xxxxx

Tracey said...

I have absolutely no idea what you are on about!
But I say Betty!

Odette said...

oh well maybe the publisher thought they will have more interesting story if Archie married Veronica. Lets wait till the new comic hit the stand come August..
are you having a nice weekend?

Odette said...

Tracey, Amy,
WHAT!!! you haven't read Archie? This is unbelievable!!
You should check out your bookstore and find a copy, i bet there is one near you.
This comic book was practically a part of my growing up years. you'll love the characters there...

amna said...

dette, betty is my choice too. been long time since i stopped buying archie but i used to be crazy of it years ago.i do read sometimes if i happen to see a copy from somewhere , mostly at the reception areas while waiting for my appointment.

Mar G said...

I have to say Betty too, after reading all that you've said about Veronica! (She sounds like she's right snotty totty?)
I'm away now to Google this 'Archie' comic cos I too have NEVER heard of it in my life! :-/
I'm having a hard enough time trying to read the 3rd book of the 'Twilight' series without bringing 'Archie' into my life! Lol....Hope your headache is better now? x

Odette said...

Hi Mar,
Yeah, its better, thanks! hahaha.. you need to buy one book to get familiar, but it can also be addictive - it's funny and entertaining.
ok tell me, did Edward die in the story? i haven't read the book, but i have seen the movie several times and i am excited to watch part 2 if a movie will be made soon.
as usual, the wait is mounting...

Prez of Es said...

It's not just that Betty's nicer. It's just that I kinda expected him to ask her! Cause isn't that how fairytales and movies are supposed to end? :P
The world's most favourite teenagers are SUPPOSED to be unreal. We don't want reality!


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