Monday, May 25, 2009

Too tired ...

Hello, I am back!!!

That's me and my uncle Butch as we wait to join the others at the grand opening of USANA in the Philippines.

Sorry that the brief lull had made you worried Tracey, I just happen not to have any access to a laptop during the weekend. My relatives from the province are in Manila and I had spent the weekend with them, and even today, a Monday.

It was a very busy weekend, add to that is the very hot weather that right now my temple is throbbing while I am writing this. I barely slept because even when we were tired after spending the whole day going around Manila, we still spend the night talking till the wee hours as we try to catch up on each other.

I will be posting more soon, but I do need to sleep early as even my eyes seem to ache. Just want to let you people know that I am well...just been busy.


Tracey said...

I thought you were gonna turn up on my doorstep! I am disappointed!!
Uncle Butch looks nice, glad you had a nice weekend.
Love Trace x x x

Amy said...

pleased you had a nice weekend...i was wondering where you had got too lol! xxxx

Odette said...

i would have wanted to be there, but my family had twisted my arms to stay with them. but i did pray for you on your birthday and wished you all the best that life can offer.
maybe next time, no?
love always,

Odette said...

thanks for missing me. i woke up w/o the headache and i am feeling good after a good night sleep.
however, i may not be able to write again tonight as i am going to a bday party of my boss.
wow, i have been to gastronomic festivities one after the other...burp!
be checking on you 2moro, then. hope you're feeling good today.

living_with_ba said...

Glad to see you back, Odette and glad that you had an enjoyable weekend with family. I spent it with Darla and B and went to my work place to do some work on Sunday, and then went out again yesterday, but you'll see that in my latest update..

Was beginning to worry when I saw no update from you :)

Hope your laptop returns from "vacation" soon!


Odette said...

no joey, my laptop hasn't been fixed yet and i don't know how long it will take. maybe they gonna give me a new pc instead.
i'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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