Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My riches.

Last weekend me and my kins were strolling along Greenbelt in Makati. It is a mall for affluent people where every single item sold are way too expensive, even when they don't look nice - at least to my eyes!

I cringe at the cost of a simple blouse which is around 2,400 pesos or $50. Damn I can buy 4 blouses with that amount! I don’t obsess over fashion sense or having the latest whatever. Maybe that’s just who I am, or maybe who I am is because of how I’ve been raised. We have never been rich, though there was a time when we were better off financially.

Or maybe I thought we were rich because as a young girl, my perception of poverty and affluence was a 10 centavo coin inside my pocket. And I felt rich. Kidding aside, I was very happy when my auntie gave me shopping money, but I am a window shopper, and it’s very hard for me to decide on something to buy because I don’t shop often. I try not to spend the money I’ve saved, and despite the manna I got from her, I just can't wrap my head around buying an incredibly expensive shirt.

They bought some few things there, and then off we search for a restaurant to dine. There was some struggle here as they cannot decide between a Thai or Korean or the sizzling beef dishes. Finally we settle for Thai foods.

While I sit there waiting for our food to arrive, I cannot help but look around me. Sure the ambiance seemed cushy and elitist, adding to it are the classy people hurdled in every corner. But it's not the place or the food that makes me feel rich. I can have all the money in the world, but I can’t be truly rich if I don’t have love, laughter and support from people I love.

So as we take pictures and poke fun at each other, I also take an inventory of the people in my life who love and supported me. I know I am blessed with a wonderful family. I don't get the chance to see them often and the few times that we did it is always a truly memorable time for all of us.

Hope you also recognizes the people who give you love, kindness, and support.


Mimi said...

Hi Odette,
So true! Money cannot buy happiness.
Our families and friends are truly what makes everything that we do more meaningful and worthwhile.
Your visit with relatives sounds wonderful.Thanks for sharing!

living_with_ba said...

Odette, I am the richest person in the world...for I have many friends online and though not so much in real life, the ones I do have are dear to me, I have a beautiful god daughter, who at times, drives me crazy, but still she loves her Aunty Joey and I have my writing to keep me going...and in October I'll have uni yes, there are many negatives in my life and I do not have much of the money stuff, but the rest of my life is enriched.

Love and Hugs

Tracey said...

That was a really meaningful post Odette, also very true.
All the money in the world can't resolve some problems (and illnesses) We must be very grateful for what we have,
Love Trace x x x

Sid Brechin said...

I really am not a slave to fashion. A friend says if they really had fashion police the would have to get several SWAT teams or a commando unit to deal with me. Then she adds it would probably be a suicide mission for them.

I wear whatever I want. Your average 3 year old would not wear some of the things I wear. It is getting to the hot weather and it is not unusual for me to be wearing camo shorts, a hawaiaian shirt, sandals and a cowboy hat.

You won't be able to find anything more comfortable. Fashion aware women and teens cringe when they see me. Men tend to come up express their admiration of how comfortable it must be and want to know how I get away with dressing like that. The answer is simple. I'm single ( and it really is comfy and practical, cool and the hat provides shade.

Odette said...

Mimi, Joey,
thanks for the nice comments, and reading them just added to my riches as i know i have friends online. even when we haven't seen each other, it felt like your just down the bock from me.
hope you are both having a pleasant day...

Odette said...

i owe you one, i know i should have done better on your bday. i haven't even sent a card...darn! there is no excuse, so i'll make it up, ok?
love you much,

Odette said...

nice to know your pc had been fixed. i was checking for a word from you each evening.
hey your fashion sense is good. it's important that you are most comfortable with what you wear and not how much the outfit cost. you can fit anywhere with your shorts and printed polo and a hat.
have a nice day!

Tracey said...

I was just waiting for you to arrive last Sunday!!!
Wheres AA? He's been VERY quiet lately, is he well?
Lots of love xxx


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