Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hi, meet Cedric.

I will be straight with you all - I met another guy and fell in love. But unlike with my husband, there was no getting-to-know-each-other phase, no texting, no talking, no going out several times before I felt this way about him.

Actually, when I first met the guy, he looked somewhat disgusting. He was covered with sweat and blood. He was small, wrinkled, and so very loud that it would be hard not to take notice of him. Still I was instantly smitten!

It is safe to say that it was love at first sight. Oh yes, I actually never believed in this until I experienced it first-hand. I wanted to hold him right at that moment, but unfortunately I lost consciousness before I could...

Thankfully the next day, I saw him again. This time he looked a lot more handsome and clean, too. My heart was beating very fast as the nurse handed to me my sweet new little angel. And just like any other mother, I could not help but cry.

Having another kid, a third one, is truly a life-altering experience. They say that a parent’s love is unconditional, and I agree. I loved my children even before I saw them or met them. But did I wish I had a girl? Ha ha ha.

Yes, I love Cedric and will continue to do so even if he makes mistakes or grows up to become a person different from what I expect him to be. I will love him just like how my parents embraced every inch of my being, whether good or bad. Of course, I never really knew I was capable of this kind of love until I had my boys.

My youngest son Cedric will turn 16 next week, June 2.


Tracey said...

A very happy 16th birthday to the handsome Cedric!
My baby, William, will be 20 on Monday, makes ya feel old doesn't it!!!!!

Mimi said...

Odette, the beginning of your post had me wondering for a minute or so!
Do you have plans for a birthday party for your son?

Odette said...

you mean there will be another bbq party in the offing? my eldest will turn 20 this year too, on Sept.
Of course i look old but nah, i don't feel old, hahaha!
it's all in the mind, trace...
wow, now your first again!!!

Odette said...

that was intentional, i want to keep your inquisitive juices flowing, hahaha! i know the first paragraph will catch attention. gotcha!!!
it will just be a simple family feast, mimi. maybe he will invite some friends over.

Mar G said...

Hey Odette - Cedric is a fine looking lad....You must be VERY proud?!
Hope he has a great 16th birthday-Wish him all the best from Scotland x
Robbie our oldest was 13 in October & my husband & I often ask ourselves where the years have gone :-/
Thanks for your comment about my challenge card too - Mar x

babette said...

hi det,
a happy 16th birthday to Cedric!takecare and stay happy...


Odette said...

hey, how did the challenge go? was there already a verdict? that was some mean card!!!
thanks for dropping by.

Odette said...

Hi caz,
i had another question for you, but i'll send it in ym. hahaha!
at least joem and i made you laugh so hard yesterday.

Mar G said...

The challenge hasn't been judged yet Odette....To be honest I'm not really fussed if I win or not, I was just pleased that I managed to make a card, especially cos my friend Debbi is on the Design Team for the challenge blog & I promised her I would try & take part....It was the 1st challenge on the new blog & the 1st ever challenge I'd taken part in, plus its Debbi's 1st time on a DT....A lot of 1st's eh?
E-mail me your address details & I'll create a wee something for you?! ;-) x


He is simply gorgeous ! you must be so proud, another great mum whom I admire!
Love Kirst

Odette said...

Mar G,
thanks for the thought.., yes it will pleased me no end knowing the effort you have put into it that wee something!

yes, iam a proud mama especially since he is a good son.
love you too!

Prez of Es said...

That was SUCH a sweet post. It was so cute. Happy birthday, Cedric! You're lucky to have such a loving Mom!


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