Thursday, January 29, 2009

Watch out, female at the wheel!

Men are better drivers. It’s that simple.

No, I am not looking for an excuse why I dont drive. I had sat in front of a wheel before and I was screaming each time someone or something crosses my path. It was nerve wracking and I told myself I won't drive ever again. Besides, my conceding defeat to men's skills is due to the fact that men invented cars and have been piloting them with greater skill since day one.

As a woman I know that we tend to get distracted while driving, maybe because we allowed certain amount of distractions with us. Just take for instance those celebrities or even everyday women who let their dogs in the car. Even the use of “dog” is stretching it, since the canines in question are possibly cats with personality disorders. Anyway, one yippy little thing riding on the lap of another yippy little thing equals one big reason women can’t drive.

I too, admit to singing while inside the car. Road tunes are as vital as gas itself, but some of what passes for music lately must be partially to blame for bad driving. When women sing and drive, the driving becomes far less a concern than the choreography to go with the shrieking. Please, no encore.

Most women also uses the mirror for personal reason- yes, to look at herself. Like her looks are going to metamorphose into Quasimodo between stoplights. And I hate it when the driver uses the cellphone while in front of the wheel. Despite the traffic penalty impose on such act, still I see people in traffic doing this. Please give these women all the space she needs, cuz OMG, u wont LOL if ur stuck next 2 a texter.

Another reason women can’t drive is a matter of interest -- or rather, a lack thereof. Women have no interest in cars beyond them serving as appliances of transport. As long as it starts, all is well. So when dash lights flash, components make ugly sounds or smoke appears, it may or may not resonate with the female driver that these are less than ideal operating characteristics.

Simply put, women do not have the driving gene. The only antidote is good insurance.


Tracey said...

Hi Odette, I'll have you know...That I drive perfectly! Well I've only had 3 or 4 accidents!!!! and living with a mechanic I know more about the workings of a car than most fellas!
Love Tracey xxx

philostomate said...

Odette - I will try and avoid your area of the woods for a while anyway while you may be at the wheel. I would like my car to stay in one piece thank you. I think you deserve an award. I've popped one on my blog for you to accept. I hope you like it... Phil x

amna said...

I have a bit of contradictions being a female driver. I've been driving for over 19 years now, no accident, never had ticket whatsoever. the only problem i always have is parking in my garage with a very tight space for my suv and that's where i make my self inflict accident.
my brothers claimed to be good drivers have many accidents and tickets. my nephew had an accident a month ago with a total write off, fortunately he's one lucky of a hell to get out unscratched. my young niece drives smoothly that i can close my eyes and not to worry of anything while if i am with my brothers,always on alert and brake also my foot on the the passenger side.
I do my texting and reading mails from cell phone on stop lights. works well.
so i would say,either men or women, it all depends on driving skills and carefulness, you can lose your life in a split of second if you are not alert. here, driving is a necessity not a priviledge.

amna said...

oh, by the way, mostly, women have lower insurance premium than men. i have the lowest premium in the family having a 19 years straight clean records. men are just agressive drivers and not really better than women i would say..sorry (lol).

amna said...

God.. odette, love this music so much i am almost in tears...

blue_butterfly said...

Hi amna....maybe coz i suck in driving and iam just venting my frustrations, hahaha.

its nice to know you drive well and you've been careful and maybe a lot more thoughful of other drivers too.

dont cry, please...but its nice to be flooded by nice memories that comes with the song.


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