Friday, January 23, 2009

Hair gone wild.

I don’t fuss over my hair. But I don’t like it when it started to cover my eyes, or when some strands tend to become unruly. And I hate combing it, thus I keep it short so I can simply ran my fingers through them. I cut my hair every two months, and now had to resort to dyeing it as I am seeing more gray than black.

Oh well, hair styles changes a lot, and each era seemed to have a hair style of its own. The seventies are more of the upswept curl and Farrah Fawcett was an icon. I remember doning a long wavy hair in high school too, which I painstakingly curl using a roller overnight to give it a curve. Of course, it is very uncomfortable sleeping with your hair tightly clasp on rollers! Hair gel and hair color isn’t the fad then.

But aside from being a woman’s crowning glory, and spending millions for its upkeep, teenagers nowadays use their hair to piss off their parents. Even Madonna changes her hair to represent each comeback, and Donald Trump represents his wealth with a comb-over. It is common knowledge that Samson used hair to store his power, while Rapunzel used her hair to sneak the prince into her tower – how early teenage rebellion began.

But do you know that hair is more than just a dandruff jungle?

Oh yes, hair they say can also clean up oil spills. Funny, but when an oil tanker sank in the coast of Panay a year ago, someone from the government here called for all concerned citizens, specifically salon owner to donate their hair clippings to a government agency tasked to clean up the sea. Did it work? I don’t know, but some observers say it will add more pollution to the sea bed as human hair isn’t biodegradable.

So whoever had hatched this “hairbrained” plan must have seen an oil soaked Otter, thereby he collected human hair clippings from local salon and stuffed them into a pair of his wife’s pantyhose and viola: an oil mop!

Of course, finding hair in your food can ruin a meal, eew! But, what if your food was made of hair – or at least your condiment?

Darn, but as expected, another Chinese company, Hongshuai Soy Sauce, marketed their product as “using the latest bioengineering technology”. However, the company didn’t use amino acids derived from wheat, but amino acids derived from human hair swept off of barber’s floor.

See how one person’s recycling is another person’s retching over toilet?

And did you know that during the Victorian era, women often wore jewelry made from the hair of deceased loved ones? Yes, since there were no photos of dear old grandma, her hairs paid homage. A most morbid fashion I should say, since the Amazons wore shrunken heads around their necks.

Thank God for digital cameras…


Tracey said...

As usual you are mine of useful information! My hair is also short, so as I don't have to faff about every morning!
Love Tracey xxx

amna said...

bad hair older lady friend of mine took me to her own hair dresser for a wave perm, the hairdresser is an old lady with old fashion hair styles, working in his apartment. my supposed to be wave perm ended up like michael jacskon on his teen days. my husband screamed when he saw me. i put hair band but still not working. i ran to my own hair dresser and he was bursting of laughter. Tried to save money by going to that lady for a 30 bucks perm had ended me up of paying another over hundred dollars to iron my hair straight. pheww!! never again!!!

philostomate said...

Odette - who else could write 300 words on a single hair? - only you (I didn't count them really - just guessing) - I'm sure your hair looks lovely - I have no dress sense at all or sense of style I'm afraid - maybe when I was youger I would look twice in the mirror before going out, but these days I can brush my hair prior to leaving the house with a blind fold on!!! - Phil x

Angry American said...

I keep my hair cut very short. Closer to an old fashioned crew cut without the flat top. I just cut it myself with electric clippers and call it a "no maintenance hair cut". Some time in the 90s, they cost me all of 15 bucks. They paid for themselves in just two uses.

Sometimes I can sculpt a flat top. Sometimes I mess it all up and have to cut it all to the same length as the rest. Lucky for me, the balding gene on both sides of my family seems to have skipped over my head. Unfortunately for my younger brother, it landed on him instead.


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