Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good luck!

Many Americans said they have confidence in Barack Obama’s ability to be a good president. Obama is the beneficiary of more good will than his recent predecessors, and expectations of him are extraordinarily high.

Most of Americans genuinely want to give their new leader a chance, and this is especially true because they have broken a racial barrier with his election. The public's assessment of the Bush presidency is so negative, and the mood so sour, that it's hardly surprising that the new president has substantial public support

For African-Americans, Obama represents a hope. And nothing could have prepared any of them for the eruption of spontaneous celebration in many black homes, gathering places and the streets of black communities when Sen. Barack Obama was declared President-elect Obama. From Harlem to Harvard, from Maine to Hawaii -- and even Alaska -- from hilltops of New Hampshire, to Stone Mountain of Georgia. Each African-American will always remember the moment, and so were their children, whom they woke up to watch history being made.

After the celebration, which will conclude at the Inauguration today, comes the reality.

Can Obama be more than a historical "first"? Can he give back to African-Americans what so many once had, and now need - intact families with mothers and fathers rearing children and fewer single teenage mothers? Can he change the thinking of some African-American young people that excelling in school is not "acting white," but rather acting right? Can he replace despair with that hope he and his supporters talked about?

If he can lead them out of poverty, hopelessness, failure, prison, joblessness, welfare, single motherhood and the rest of the litany of despair that has disproportionately infected much of the African-American community, he will be their Moses and his greatness will be celebrated for generations to come.

And if he fails? What will that do to race relations and the country's willingness to elect another black person president?

The consequences of a failed Obama presidency would be disastrous on several levels.

So to him, I say, goodluck!


Anonymous said...

Let us now wait and see how is Pres. Obama going to put those strong words into action. Good luck United States of America. The whole world pin their hopes on you.

Angry American said...

I'm sorry to have to correct you odette but, some of the places that you meantioned have either very few african-americans, or none at all. I know that's pretty trivial.

However, as for the eruption of their spontaneous celebrations? If Obama had lost the election, as god as my witness, the crazy niggers among the black community would've erupted into spontaneus riots nation wide. It would've been very very ugly.

When it comes to blacks acting "white" or "right", there's very little difference to the those same crazy niggers. They still have no clue what it all means, nore do they even care. A large percentage of the black community are just as racist against us and anything "white" as we are of them and anything "black". It's very very complicated.

But, to the niggers, doing the "white" or "right" thing is considered "wrong". And, any blacks who do so are considered to have turned their backs on their own brothas and sistas.

The sad truth is, no matter how much money, education or how many jobs you throw at them, the niggers continue to make balcks as a whole look like savages.

They'll continue to have four or five kids, each with a different mother or father. They'll continue to waste a good chunk of their money on alcohol, drugs and "bling bling". The government has tried to help the black community for decades. It's all been done before and failed.

Why? Once again, they just don't care. This problem goes much much deeper than education and jobs. The niggers are convinced that everything they do, including commiting crimes and copping attitudes at all whites and cops of any color, is their god given right. All because their great great great great grandma and grandpa were slaves. And, they wonder why they're profiled?

Not only that, the black gangs that they and their kids so lovingly look up to, will always make sure that whole life style and mentality lives on and thrives. Law enforcement will never stop it. It's a losing battle.

For right now, all of Obama's economic plans are just a pipe dream. I don't have much confidence in any of it because Congress still has to pass all of his proposals. And, all of us Americans, black, white or green with pink spots, know how well that will go.

Angry American said...

I forgot to mention. America's future is NOT about luck. It's about the US government's "busines as usual" bullshit. Their actions and mentality will always speak louder then all the yammering they do in front of the press, and all the smoke they keep blowing up our asses.

blue_butterfly said...

angry american:
ok, i stand corrected. i just thought that there are black people in every state. no matter if they are few or many.
pipe dreams, eh? it won't be for long. and maybe soon, you wont be as angry with America as you are now.

Sid Brechin said...

I have a great many people I am in touch with all over the US. Before the election I had over 30 people about how to emigrate to Canada if Obama won. I didn't follow the US Election at all. After all they drag out almost 2 years. One of ours takes than 2 months from a non confidence vote to a new one in power. In fact we had one in six weeks start to finish during the last weeks of the US campain.

Obama's promises remind me of the "Bread & Circuses" promises of the last Ceasars. I haven't seem confidence in him from those who do create jobs or invest in the country. That alone is scary.

We will need to wait and see.

Amy said...

hi, thanks for the comments. i do agree. photo's hold lovely memories, i would take them first also! take care. Amy xx


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