Monday, January 5, 2009

I am Filipino.

I am Filipino. My Creator planted me on a specific spot on earth, where the sun always shines, in an archipelago of 7,107 wonderful islands, which the whole world calls the “Pearl of the Orient.” Pilipinas is the country God gave to me and my people. It is the birthplace of my race. It is the home of the Filipino.

The beauty and richness of my country lured many mighty powers of the world to invade our shores. So today, my blood is a mixture of the best and the finest of the West and the East. My mind is an heir to all the great thoughts of the West, and the great virtues of the East. My heart beats with the romanticism of the West and the passion of the East.

I am Filipino. My Creator’s plan is for me to live my life as a Filipino and therefore, in my heart and in my mind, I shall always be a Filipino wherever I may be in the world. God wants me to belong to the Filipino family and as such, I am a brother to anyone and everyone who is Filipino, wherever he or she may be on earth.

You will know me by the word “po” in my sentences. You will know my children by their “mano po.” You will know me by the smile on my face and the warmth of my hospitality. Most important of all, you will know me by my loving and caring heart when you are in need of help, even if you are a stranger.

As a child of God, my Creator has a beautiful story for me and my people. And the story we see today is but a fleeting portion of that beautiful story that has yet to fully unfold before the eyes of the world.

I am Filipino. I am born of freedom, in a free country. As such, I dedicate my freedom to ensuring that my people and country shall always remain free. I shall use my freedom to help other people, in my country or in other parts of the world, gain their own freedom.

I am Filipino. I am a faithful child of God. I shall live my life to do God’s work on earth, to help build a beautiful country for my Filipino family, and a better world for all humanity. And soon the world shall see the full measure of the greatness of Filipino, for truly the world has yet to see what God can do to and through a child, like the Filipino, who is faithful to the Lord.

I am Filipino.

By Alexander L. Lacson


Boysie Gonzaga said...

After reading this post, I remembered our past heroes who fought and shed blood for our freedom It is our duty to pass on this legacy to our children.

Filipinos are really worth dying for!

Nice Dette!

Angry American said...

Freedom huh? I remember, back in the day, when we americans had freedom as well. Now? Not so much. Very soon, for one reason or another, we won't be allowed out of our homes after dark, or even fart without getting arrested. Thank god I'm moving to the Philippines.

It wasn't that long ago that americans faught against the Japanese empreror's barberic army to defend the Philippines. Soon, we'll need help to defend outselves against our own government. It's too late for america but, I'll die fighting for Filipino's freedom. Even against america.

F**k our american government. And everyone in it. They can all go to hell, just like our freedom is.


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