Monday, January 19, 2009

Uniquely Filipina.

Many people asks what is it in a Filipina that makes her the life long partner that many foreigners sought for? What makes a Filipina a Filipina in the eyes of her foreigner husband?

I have seen couples which have very few years between them. Both professionals and they enjoy each others company. The husband, an expat, treats his wife with respect and considers her his equal.

Then there are those foreigners who are generally retirees and who marries younger women many times their junior. Somehow a lot of these relationships work, but for the wrong reason. It is more likely that the guy needs a companion and the woman needs the money. I am not judgemental, because if they are happy, then good for them.

Then there are the OFWs who met a foreigner abroad, a bit older but suffering from being westernized, with the belief that a Gucci watch and a Prada handbag mean something. The guy is basically content, but is watching over his shoulder for where the wife is putting the kitchen knives.

The last ones would be the women that are controlled by the foreigner boyfriend or husband. Carrying out their every need to keep them happy but they can never reach that point and that's where the guy keeps control of the relationship. I feel sorry for the Filipina in this type of relationship because they are treated so badly in return for very little.

So, for those foreigners who are in a relationship with a Filipina or even planning to marry one, here’s the tip.

You are the person who makes the woman in your life the Filipina that she is. If you met her online meet her in person. Don't get hung up on things thinking it will burn you - like a scar, a disability, or having one leg or anything else that has kept you from women for years. Filipinas are naturally open if you discuss it with her. They have the best mentality that you may come across on this planet, and they value their husbands high in their life. If you're fat it doesn't matter, if you think your ugly they will see you as beautiful for having white skin, if you’re disabled they will just see a person deep inside. Find a woman that loves you for who you are.

Of course, not all guys will be lucky in life and not all Filipinas have the same attributes. But one thing is certain, if you never look you will never find.


Angry American said...

I met a filipina a while back myself. I've grown to love her so much, I'm not only going to fly to the Phl to meet her, I'm gonna stay there with her for life.

Why? Because what odette said is true. I'm one messed up mofo, physically and in other ways. I consider myself monkey butt ugly as well but my filipina says otherwise.

What else can a man ask for in a woman? I never in all my life thought I'd be this happy. I'm one lucky bastard indeed.

blue_butterfly said...

angry american:

well good for you to have found love. just know that even in phil. compromises had to be made for a relationship to last.


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