Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Heels to die for.

It's a fact that women love shoes.

I just don't understand why the need to use over four inches heels. It would most likely prevent women from accelerating from 0 to 200kph when imbecile men approached them with a pick lines like, " Nice toe cleavage, wanna see my tight butt?"

Apparently, women voluntarily choose foot deformity because they create a feeling of authority. When not being use to bludgeon men, women transformed high heels into a symbol of heightened defiance, sexual power and control.

You see when wearing high heels, a woman cannot slouch or hang her back. Physically, it is impossible for a woman to cower in high heels. She is instead forced to take a stand, to strike a pose, because anatomically her center of gravity has been displaced forward. A woman's feeling as if she were balancing off the edge of a cliff while wearing high heels along with the added height could automatically function as a psychological boost.

I wonder though if high heels have become integral to the propagation of the human species. Does the sight of a woman with legs that extended into her armpit makes her more attractive to men? I am pretty certain that Barbie dolls look unusually attractive because they have anatomically incorrect, artificial lengthened legs.

Since men are biologically programmed to look at a woman's curves and shapes, then high heels will certainly draw their attention because it enhances a woman's shape. The heels elongated her legs, make her feet appear smaller by increasing their arches, and accentuating the calf and ankle muscles. Along with the way her hips will strut and sway, even the clomping noise of a woman's high heels also draw attention.

I am not sure whether these are a joke or intended to actually be worn. I found this picture of flipper heels, seemingly on sale in a shop window.

Possibly they are intended more as an artistic display piece for decoration as opposed to a real shoe but here you go. So, if you have ever had the desire to purchase yourself a pair of heels based on aquatic themes, then get yourself a pair of High-tide heels.

And just what can you say about this - lock, stock, and two smokin' heels???
Yes, only Madonna can get away with shoes like that. Was this the cause of her divorce? I just wondered, thats all.

If women can wear high heels, can men wear push up bras for their butts? If anybody pick up on this idea, please don't forget to send me my commission, or a product sample. I have imaginations too, but none have gotten past the creation stage.


Anonymous said...

dette : i love shoes. including stilettos. your right, inconvenient. i keep one or two but not practical for everyday use. stilettos shows culture where women are kept subjugated by men -- sexy (for whose pleasure?) but slows down flight when assaulted.


Tracey said...

i used to love heels until I had a bad fall, now its safer that I wear my flats!
Love Tracey xxx

amna said...

I wear high heels all the time when I go out, even my winter leather boots has high heels and stilettos, don't know but I'm not comfortable with my shoes without high heels not to attract men but for my own satisfaction, I feel taller with it as well.

My high heels fashion had started when I was working in this place sometime ago for 15 years where dress code (business suite)was required with heeled shoes from there I am no longer comfortable with flat shoes.

So wearing high heels don't mean all the time to look sexy but also with varied reasons. I knew a lady where a doctor required her to wear high heels for medical reason something to do with her feet balancing.

amna said...

by the way, I don't think I could ever use that flipper shoes that's so hilarious.
My..I don't feel like signing out from your site with these beautiful music, feel like crying now, make me sad. Darn.. I should not open your site at this midnight hour.

blue_butterfly said...

oh the music...i actually keep changing them. i just took out gazzebo and michael franks.

yeah, those flipper shoes look weird. but i actually saw a lady in a picture wears one at a beach. but i bet those stilletos would sink in the sand so she walks funny. damn, why even wear one, doesnt make sense, hahaha.

Sid Brechin said...

Personally I think High Heels, Nylons and Garter Belts are the greatest inventions of all time. Far surpassing Fire, the Wheel and the Microchip. ( I once got slapped for that comment at a party )

As for defense if you can bring the small part of a high heel down on a mans foot you will break most of the bones in his foot. The math works like this say you are 100 pounds the heal is a half inch across. That means it is 1/4 square inches if you can move your foot down at the equivalent of falling from 2 feet you are hitting with 200 foot pounds times 4 because of the small area or 800 foot pounds of force. In reality you can come down much harder then that.

Kingdom of Estarra said...

I have a feeling you're right about the divorce...what was she thinking!??

blue_butterfly said...

I am small, so i feel the need to wear shoes with a little lift, but only with a 2-inch heel.

i never had a stilleto coz from where i work it wouldn't be appropriate walking in the catwalk and climbing stairs checking from one blending tank to the next.


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