Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have read Rose's blog, of Cottage Rose via Tracey's link and there she was talking about her encounter with a snake in her garden. I was squirming on my seat while reading through it. You see my fondness for animal only stretches to my feline and small canine friends. You can put in some rabbits, and birds and aquarium fishes, but other than that, my human brain power cannot equal the physical strength of most animal, so I would rather stay as far away from them as possible.

I would like to share with you the list of creatures that I find rather scary despite of their size.

Snake - These cold-blooded reptiles are also cold-blooded killers, and it always seems the further you get away from home, the deadlier they get. If you thought the bite was bad, the aftereffects of a snake bite are even worse. I haven't been bitten though despite those early years in Manarra but its there where I saw different species and sizes of snakes.

Jelly fish - yes this graceful free-floating marine creature actively swim to hunt their prey, and a nice human leg or arm can suffer some serious collateral damage. Its one reason I hate swimming in the beach, aside from the salty water hurting my eyes.

Bees - one bee sting is manageable and not a big deal, it’s when they swarm in packs and sting the living crap out of us that we’re in trouble. I know that bees are extremely territorial and don’t need a big excuse to take us out. Just Imagining getting stung hundreds or thousands of times all at once isn’t a pleasurable thing, so I would rather duck and hide when I see a hive.

Crocodiles - I had taken a good look at one of these prehistoric beasts and realized just how deadly they can be. Once they get a hold of us, we’re done because they’ll engage the roll maneuver, ripping our limbs right out of our sockets. Follow that with being dragged into our watery grave, and we’ll be lucky if we drown before we even know what ripped us apart.

Mosquitoes - With mosquitoes, the deadly strike comes from simply snacking on humans. Of course, it’s not the bite that delivers the painful blow - it’s the contraction of diseases you get afterward. Fever, nausea, vomiting, an enlarged spleen, a whole host of problems show up and ultimately doom us to our death bed if we’re bitten by a disease-ridden mosquito.

Oh, you may have asked, where's the Lions, Tigers, Hippo, Panther, Elephants, Bears and other wild animals? Well folks, geographically, we don't have such animals roaming in our wilderness. Aren't I thankful?

So how about you? What other earthly creatures gives you an eew!?


Tracey said...

MICE! I detest the horrible furry things, I will scream and be physically sick if I see one.
Tracey xxx

Amy said...

I am terrified of spiders!! no matter how small i scream and cry!! I have to get Steven or even Lottie (my 6 year old) to get them for me!!
Mum really is terrified of mice... i love them!
Amy xx

amna said...

those creatures above don't really give me creeps except new born animals without yet furs, hairs and feathers. especially a bald baby mouse and birds. i think i'd pass out if i touch them. eewwwww!!!

blue_butterfly said...

tracey, amy, amna...
those creatures you mentioned dont terrify me as they are harmless. i get disturbed when they can inflict harm.
but, i understand if they creeps you out.


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