Friday, January 16, 2009

Finding oneself online.

If you have noticed, there's a new widget in my blog and I am very pleased with it. A widget is the general term for an item that someone else provides for you to embed in a web page, and my new toy is from widgetbox - a kitten.

I just love to pimp my page, and put fancy stuff in it. It is odd, addictive and may well be very important. Or perhaps not - it is too much fun to care for the moment.

Tinkering on my pc had been fun for me. I love posting photos and videos and music in a variety of sites I have an account with. Although of course, there are only a few of the places I'm currently hanging out online. Still I continue to get two or three friend requests a day from almost everyone of my friends who had signed up in Myspace, Facebook, Zorpia, Hi5, Flixter, etc.

I'm not in Friendster, although I also check on it via my son's account to see how younger people are using it. I also have a Bebo profile I rarely visit, a LiveJournal account I never update, and I seem to recall signing up with Chatango last year.

It isn't easy keeping it all in sync, and sometimes I'm not quite sure what I'm doing. However it is clear to me that the nature of my engagement with the online world is changing in a very significant way.

I rarely talk about my personal life, and reveal few details of my family or close relationships.

Now that is changing.

With my blogs (Boysie had lured me into this, and I am loving it!), my location, my friendships and my opinions all online to be read and remembered, there's little of me left to expose. Yes, those of us with cheap easy access to computers and the internet are increasingly living our lives online.

Should I be frightened? I don't think so.

So as I spread myself around over the network, updating my Plaxo profile, commenting on Bebo, flying through IMVU, blogging, chatting, updating my calendar and posting photos and audio I am finding a new way to be Odette.

I wonder what she will be?


Sid Brechin said...

Odette will be what she is always has been and always will be. An Exemplary Lady.

amna said...

hello odette, i open your site and listen to your songs while working or surfing. Beautiful selections. I'm normally on the internet from midnight until 2 in the morning. Sad songs and i love them.

take care!

Boysie Gonzaga said...

Gawd! That black pussy is really breathing!

Thanks for the mention, Dette! We are the dynamic duo!

Angry American said...

Black pussy huh? I think I'll just STFU and leave that one alone. I'll shift my attention instead to the interactive cat on your page odette. I loved it so much I added one to my page too. :D

blue_butterfly said...

sid - wow, "exemplary" is too much an adjective. i am embarrassed to accept it. but thank you so much for the high regard.

amna - i am happy that you liked my selection. i love sharing the music i love to listen to.

boysie - hmmm, dynamic duo. hope you can recruit more of our fellow sagaynon so among us we get visitors already, hahaha.

angry american - i wonder where that "black pussy" came from...oh, boysie! you goof, and yet you pirate my pet to your page. feed that kitty well, ok?

Boysie Gonzaga said...

Maybe soon Dette, some of them will just pop up like mushrooms after a thunderstorm - lool.

Pussycat or whatever, they all mean the same to me... ha!

amna said...

ha ha ha, did i not tell you cousin? anyway that is how we call it back home, i'd use the same word if i'm there. i don't even know that it is no longer a proper word here in western until i read green materials. they use slang words here and we don't back there.

hello odette, keep the mills winding. great job!


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