Monday, November 30, 2009


Do you like to scan through a women’s magazine like Vogue, Elle and the likes? Or watch a Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Lifestyle channel? I do!

Not that I desire to buy one of those snazzy clothings/undergarments whose wash tag is larger than the garment itself, but I just love seeing women with legs without a dreaded cellulite, breasts that are large and perky and a stomach that looks like a freakin’ washboard. I also like to see smoldering eyes and pouting lips staring back at me from these magazine pages.

I know I shouldn’t have, because looking at those beauty goddesses only point out what's lacking in me. In fact, I haven't looked over my shoulder in years because I already know what's back there (ignorance can be bliss). Many times I lift my arms to see where my breast were ten years ago. I also know which stretch mark belong to each of my three kids.

Sometimes when I open a fashion magazine, and see that glossy cover with some blonde babe in her oh so chic pose on it, it sparks on sadness stirred up with a feeling of a pipe dream. I know I am never going to look that good. But I don’t wish for a miracle bra, and that high-cut thong looks uncomfortable. What a nightmare to wear those!

But I still love looking at new fashion trends, even when I know I won’t be buying any of them. Besides the pretty models are a feast for the eyes. However, I believe that no matter how much money a woman invests in herself to look 'beautiful' if she doesn't feel good about herself nothing will change.

Well it is a shame that how smart a person is and what her mind is able to do, does not have a picture to justify its beauty.

Or am I just sour-graping?


Tracey said...

I never have or will ever look like those girls & you know what? I don't care less! Anyhow, I prefer looking at men! LOL

Angry American said...

All I can safely say without hearing the ring of a frying pan reverberate through my head comment and I plead the 5th amendment (does that still count in the Phl?).

Sid Brechin said...

I was watching something on tv once can't remember what and one of the big supermodels was the guest. I think Cindy Crawford but it may have been Christine Brinkley.

Anyway she had brought a bunch of photos before and after the retouching to get the shot ready for the magazine. She pointed out pretty much all the flaws you mention in her shots. It used to be airbrushes now computer programs work wonders.

Want to look thinner? Take you favorite photo put it in any photo manipulation program click on it and make it longer but not wider and save it. 2 clicks can take off 40 pounds or more.

Mimi said...

Sweet memories of youth!
Odette you have to keep in mind that most of those gorgeous models have:
Fake hair extensions
Fake and enhanced body parts
Plastic surgery on nose, chins, etc.
Gobs of professionally applied makeup
Anorexia or another eating disorder
Fake teeth-such as snow white veneers and caps over their own teeth
Clothing made just for their bodies
False admiration from people who only associate with them because of their beauty, not their inner selves
Of course, there are wonderful models like Heidi Klum , a mom, wife, and just a beautiful woman. It's OK for us to hate her and be envious! Please do not mention Christie Brinkley or Cheryl Tiegs...
Feel better?

♥ Amy ♥ said...

I would love to be skinny and look like that but I know half of them in magazines are air brushed by computers...they probably have spots all over the place lol!...well...thinking like that makes me feel better haha!

I don't read things like that, I used to but I like reading real life magazines. xxxx

Sid Brechin said...

To AA:

There is a male conversation version of the 5th.

I think it is called " I'm going to shut up now before the latrine I have been digging for myself with my mouth gets so deep professional cave explorers couldn't get out "

Odette said...

thank you for pointing those out. yeah i sometime wondered if during a photo shoot, a model accidentally fart. would the photographer hear it?
what if it happened while she is on the catwalk? hahaha!

Odette said...

your comment to AA made me laugh so hard, i was in tears! i am sure AA is laughing his ass off over it.

Sid Brechin said...

Odette: we guys have to stick together. Cattle get hoof in mouth guys get foot in mouth disease.


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