Sunday, November 15, 2009

Making history.

Yesterday, every Filipino, me included, were glued on the television set to watch our Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao cement his place in boxing history.

Early in the year, he make Oscar De La Hoya surrender during the match, by giving him such a beating that he retired. He followed that by knocking Ricky Hatton stiff in the second round with a left hand that left the Englishman thinking about his mortality. And then yesterday, he put on six more pounds to fight the supposedly bigger and harder punching Cotto.

No fighter had ever won titles in seven different weight classes, and no fighter in recent times has had the kind of year he has. He wrapped it up not only by stopping a game but outclassed his opponent Miguel Cotto 55 seconds into the 12th round of their welterweight title fight.

“Just look out for his left hand,” Cotto’s trainer, told his fighter. “It’s all he’s got.”

Bad advice. Less than a minute into the third round, it was a right hand from our boxer that put Cotto down for the first time. He was up quickly but then late into the fourth round Pacman threw a huge left hand as Cotto was moving forward and dropped him for the second time. He was never the same after that as Pacquiao relentlessly throw punches that sent blood flowing down Cotto’s face, staining his white trunks pink. In fact his wife and young son got up from their ringside seats on the 9th round and left the arena, unable to watch any further.

He is fighting deity...and no one would argue on that. Mabuhay and Pilipino!!


Mimi said...

It's not my favorite sport, but I can understand why people like it. Hooray for Manny!

Angry American said...

I don't know how you got to watch the fight but, I'm jealous. Here, you either have to pay for the premium channel, or use "pay-per-view".

Cotto's trainer is a total idiot and obviously didn't pay much attention to Manny's previous film footage. I was only able to see highlights but, Manny's lead blasts were almost always followed by powerful, lightning fast combos. I'm sure he didn't change his strategy, fighting tactics and combos just for this one opponant.

I had never seen any footage of Manny's fights before. I was kind of shocked because his punches are a little sloppy for a boxer who won that many championship bouts.

But, Cotto must have an iron jaw to last 12 rounds because Manny's got hyperspeed combos with plenty of impact to keep Tyson back pedaling. It's not about how pretty it looks though, it's strategy, power and endurance that takes them out.

Manny gave Cotto all that and a bag of tortilla chips. 8)=

Bubble said...

well done to him...again! xox

Odette said...

I hate to see people being beaten too, and i don't like to watch boxing except if it's Manny. I just feel like rooting for the guy because of the amazing feat he has accomplished through this game. His life story is also from rags to riches...

Odette said...

Ray, Pacman's punches are deadly!! His previous bouts ended in TKO which sent his opponents kissing the canvass. That's why they are wary of his left hook. But Manny has also developed his right punch and that makes him more formidable.
I think Arum is now working on Pacquiao vs Mayweather, and this early they are branding it as the fight of the century.

Sid Brechin said...

Simple physics apply to boxing as well everything else but most of us forget it after High School. If a person is twice as strong he can hit twice as hard three times as strong three times as hard. However E(energy)+1/2m(mass)*v(velocity)squared so hit twice as fast is four times as hard 3 times as fast 9 times as hard and if someone can manage 4 times the speed it is 16 times as hard.

Odette said...

you are right to say that it was strategy that had allowed pacman to win. in fact, many are still puzzled at how Manny Pacquiao won his biggest fight by shelving the original fight plan. the original plan was for Pacquiao to have a razzle-dazzle start. but Manny failed to carry it out because Cotto beat him to a jumping fast start.
Pacman, in short, was put on the defensive, a stance where he is usually not at his best. but he solved the problem on the spot.
i wonder though if Pacquiao could’ve scored an easier win executing the original fight plan. it doesn't matter...he won anyway. and in such fashion.


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