Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Heartless beast.

Fifty seven people dead. Not three or five...and the election have not even started yet.

This shocked everyone, including the international media because of the unbelievable scale of atrocity. This is so far the worst outbreak of electoral violence, the worst loss of life in journalism history.

I shiver with horror watching the news last night when I saw vehicles clustered together in a partly grassy area, as though someone had decided it was the perfect place to park for a picnic. But the doors are ajar, and on the ground, just outside the vans and the SUVs, in the clear sunlight, lie the bloodied bodies of several victims. They look like they never stood a chance. Of course, they never did!

Unarmed women was sent by a candidate who desire to contest the governorship of Maguindanao in next year's election. He opted not to file it himself to avoid stirring trouble or adding to the political tension, thinking that only a maddened beast or an untouchable could have killed unarmed women, lawyers and journalists in broad daylight. But he was wrong.

The picture shocked many into realization - that the men who did the killing, and the men who ordered it, could only have been either beasts or gods.

The sheer brutality of the mass murder, the gross shamelessness of it, only show the sign of an unreasoning animal or a conscienceless warlord who can break human laws because he is a law unto himself. Shame, shame, shame!

The picture beg for description...I am at loss for word.


joy oh said...

omg! dette... sobra na gid ni ya. friends have been trying to describe it on facebook, etc. but nothing like what the pictures show. its so nakakaka @#(*!!!

Tracey said...

This was on our news too. It's like something from Hitlers reign....too bloody awful for words.....

Sid Brechin said...

From the photos what is hardest to believe is that the area is not even being treated as a crime scene.

Odette said...

You are so right!! There were no forensic expert in the site where these bodies were dug out. i guess many evidence would have been tampered by now... hope this doesn't save the perpetrators from answering this crime.

Odette said...

What gets our goat is the slow action from the govt. instead of sending the military to governor Ampatuan's lair, to pick him up for questioning as there is a strong evidence that connect him to the massacre, they sent an emissary instead to ask the governor not to make other move that may escalate to another the bloodbath. As of this writing, no arrest warrant had been issued.
Of course the Ampatuans are administration allies and they had helped them to secure the administration candidate win in Maguindanao.

Sid Brechin said...

This is an unfortunately.

My job often involved me directly witnessing violence. ( legally you can't stop in to stop something before it happens. Not even a peace officer (police) can under most situations. Nor can a public officer under most stiuations ( other official of the crown like a coroner, health inspector or military officer. There are the odd exceptions aforesaid health inspector being an example even then it's a real sometimes. ) I am capable of violence. In a sense it was my profession in the military however in that case I like to think it is like surgery. Harm done to reduce or eliminate harm. I did my share of stepping in. From my college and military training I knew the "magic" words to permit one to use just enough violence to hold someone till police could arrive. The words being your are under arrest for "_" and whatever it was needing to have a maximum sentence of more than two years. Under two and only a peace officer can make the arrest. At times even they need special warrants.

Also I was often first at a suicide. Jumpers we called them. Later we called the priority ones. Less vivid unless you were first on scene. Half who try are so upset they jump off the end the train stops at or when one is going in the wrong direction. Of the other half half of them live. Very changed but alive. Techinicaly the mechanic is there to assess damage to the train and get it off the victim. Being first on scene with a live victim means you are trying to keep them alive sometimes despite their violent wishes otherwise. Everytime by the time you move the train the whole area is roped off with crime scene tape. Tons of it. Each car normally gets issued a 500 yard roll.

I used to often collect it after the area was cleared. On scouting trips when campsites had to be roped off the scouts thought it neat.

The lack of such tape and the presense of the crowd in the photos jumped out at me. To me it was very out of place the crowd in particular.

And the worst of all crimes names forming at the back of my mind. Genocide. I know it continues in many places around the globe. I didn't think this was one of those places.

Mimi said...

Odette, I have never seen such terrible pictures. The poor people that died are just being raked over. It's even worse than a mafia hit. I hope to God that somebody is punished for this heinous crime.

Angry American said...

I'm sure the Phl government has a DAMN good idea who did this and where they are. If the government wasn't so stubborn and/or chicken shit, they'd call up the US and order a couple of Rent-A-Drones then "delete" the problem.

Odette said...

Yes they do Ray, however our government show weakness in the face of an unspeakable act of terrorism. they seemed afraid, or simply powerless against the powers-that-be in Maguindanao.
many think that the political consideration has become a major factor, considering that the palace has admitted that both warring families were political allies of President Macapagal-Arroyo.

Amy said...

Just terrible Odette! :( xxx

living_with_ba said...

I didn't see this...I am shocked and Tracey said, too bloody awful for words...

Hugs and Love to you, Odette


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