Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanks, Tarsem...

My good friend Tarsem, sent me this today. This made me so happy that I just want to talk about him in this post.

He is an Indian journalist in the city of Ludhiana near Delhi, and he had received awards and recognition for his write-ups against corruption in government. Of course, I am aware of the risk involve in his job as I have seen movies and videos of journalist being shot dead, or being threatened to be killed. But like most other journalist, he continue to write in his paper because he enjoys the work.

I have high regards for journalist, because when I watch the news I sometime wonder if a reporter was going too far in his effort to find the truth, like those journalist covering the war in Iraq. My god, they may get shot at in a crossfire! These people have to travel into the war zones to report a unique story and maybe in the process change their professional life. This is a reason why many of them choose the battlefield to get an exciting story.

Tarsem's job may not be as risky, but just the same he faces risk everyday from society. As a journalist, he sometimes have to give his own opinion about things. And since we live in a dishonest world, telling the truth can be a very dangerous thing. He knew that people in his city may not agree with what he have to say and that might pose a threat to his life.

Also, this guy has become too busy in his career that he sometime has no time for his family and friends. Damn, sometimes, he even has to skip a meal just to cover an event! But as he always tells me, it is the duty of the journalist to give us news, information, opinions and events. Without the wonderful but dangerous work that journalist does, life would be poorer for most of us.

That is him above in a news article, doing some undercover work. Oh, he also has a blog and you can check from my blog list its Live Punjab.


Tracey said...

Thank God for people like Tarsem or we wouldn't have a clue what was happening around the world...xxx


What else can I say but awesome, because you are!

tsdeogan said...

Hey odette, thanx. usully i do writing for other peoples. but never expected that someone will write for me. hey its find realy great when someone writes so good about u. i got emotional. u r a good person as good as a writer.

sarvjit said...

thanks for takin time to recognise his efforts and hard work good to know that there r ppl out there who cares thx a million for the artical//sarvjit

Mimi said...

That is very beautiful, Odette.
Tarsem is a very giving person. I admire him for standing up for his beliefs and making a difference in the world.

Angry American said...

Death threats and murder for covering news? In India??? :o

I never would've guessed. If that was here in the States, there'd be BIG trouble for the Gov. As it is, Lord Buckwheat Obama and his Administrative goons were questioned by our government controlled, liberal cable media for slamming Fox news for telling the truth. BIG no no here!

The whole thing is the opposite here. Our presidents always get the death threats. Unfortunately, nobody actually followed through on their threats against Bush or Lord Buckwheat.

I really, truely, honestly, sincerely hope to god Obama catches one right between the eyes. If I could, I'd do it myself for a big, fat, greasy double cheese burger and frys, and enough $ to visit my lady. :D

Not gonna happen though cause I'd have to wait in a long line for that job interview :(

Odette said...

Obama is the most well guarded person on earth. the only thing that will hit him hard is through a pen, or the keypad whatever your writing instrument is. and your media and journalist is doing just that!

The Outsider said...

simply Tarsem is a great soul,i m grateful to GOD, He has given me Tarsem's invaluable company

tsdeogan said...

i love you all my friends.... thanx for ur lovely comments, without your support i m nothing.

Sunita said...

Tarsem is a great guy with never to die attitude. He is my good friend and I have seen him working day and night covering news and events that effect people's life. I have high regards for him.

Odette said...

Sunita,The outsider, Sarvjit,
Thank you for leaving a comment here. This means a lot to Sem. Let's continue to rally behind him.


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