Thursday, November 19, 2009

A shocker.

Every mother and father of a teenager, is terrified of the word, "pregnant". I am no exception. It is amazing how one little word, can change my life in such a big way! It doesn't matter that my teenage child is a boy, it has the same reaction for me.

Even though I know and trust my son completely, that word, that one little word....changes everything for a lifetime, his life specifically. Oh darn, how one brief moment of pleasure, can make or break his future!

No matter how many times we discussed sex with our kids; no matter how often teenage pregnancy was talked about; no matter how much dialogue we had about contraceptives, we would never expect to hear, the word pregnant to come from their mouth. Or at least I hope and pray that I won't hear it.

All of these runs through my mind, in a matter of seconds; long, agonizing seconds.

All my son did was open his mouth and those words came out.

"Mom, I need to talk to you. I want to tell you that Jess is pregnant."

I couldn't breathe, the world stopped. I was dizzy and nauseated.

Yes Tracey, I am officially a grandmother now. My son's girlfriend gave birth to a bouncing baby girl whom they called Akeisha.

I have to let this sink in first....


Tracey said...

You kept that quiet GRANNY! Congratulations to you all!!!!
It's the best thing in the world.


Lol are you serious or is this one of your funnies??? If not wow hun awesome and congrats, if this isnt a joke did you find out while she was pregant or after the birth?
Im so confused:)

Amy said...

congratulations! xxxx

Mimi said...

Odette, Congratulations! You are very blessed to be a Grandmother at such a young age. We never know what the future may bring, because God likes to surprise us.
Hugs, Mimi

Anonymous said...

A baby does change everything, so I understand how you feel. Especially as a parent myself. On the brighter side it can sometimes bring about a maturity and motivation in young people given the chance to grow from it. I think we all hit a point as parents where no matter how much we want to impart wisdom, or how much we want to see them avoid the hardships, ultimately they hold the cards in their own lives. However, these struggles can also bring a lot of good. I had a similar situation in my family, and I can only say be supportive but also allow them to feel the weight of their decision, it will make them better parents. In my situation their were too many people ready to rescue them, and it kept them from growing up, and taking responsibility for the baby. As hard as it might be to stand back, it is vital for their growth. Although the situation may not be exactly how you had envisioned it, being a grandma is great! Or so I hear, and for once you get to enjoy them without worrying about the full responsibility of them. Congrats to you and your son.

Odette said...

I am serious. My second son Benjie had fathered a child and he is only 18 years old and still in college. I found out when she is 7 months on the way as my boy had put off telling me. Jess gave birth last month. I haven't seen the baby though, but Benj told me Jess will bring the baby to me on Xmas.
It still hasn't sink in, that's why i was telling you this only now.'

Angry American said...

Sweet jesus! I didn't know you didn't tell them Odette. :o

Thank god I didn't mention it here in one of my comments. That would've earned me another frying pan upside my head. :s

These comments are all so strange to me. Every time I've made a major mistake (or even when I didn't) all I ever got from my parents was bitching, blaming, whining, etc, etc, etc. And yes, this is still true to this day.

That's the reason I never told/tell my parents about anything I did/do if I can help it. It ain't worth the agrivation.

It's good to know your boys can trust you to be understanding and level headed Odette. Must be nice

living_with_ba said...


Sid Brechin said...

Since you have come out and had the courage to make it known Odette I may as well do the same.

My daughter ( also named Jess, pure chance ) is now 7 weeks along with her second child. The first turns 2 on the 22nd.

I have been worrying myself sick thinking how can she finish her school ( she at college studying auto mechanics ) I worry about learning her material and know how physically tough that job can be having fixed public transportation vehicles subways, etc for 29 years and we had more room to work in. I worry about hurting the baby trying to do the work. I also worry about the possibility of her having to stop school over it.

Getting the news also coincided with all the other emotional issues I recently had happen.

I'm glad she's happy about it however because I am doing more than enough worrying for both of us. At least now she has a decent reliable guy who I am sure will be staying around for good and the other child regards as her father.

Boysie Gonzaga said...

Dette, this little bundle of joy is a blessing. Congrats to you! Is this 'Nong Jun's first great grandchild?

By the way, Treena Cueva left a message for you in my Tambukikoy blog entry. Check if you got time.

Odette said...

I think we just have to rely on our kids ability to face up to life. All we can do now is to make them realize that will always be on their side with an open mind and a generous heart.


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