Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is he?

So, People's magazine had chosen the sexiest man for this year, and it's none other than - Johnny Depp.

I always wonder how they come up with an ultimate winner. It would seem that most of the past winners have been actors/celebrities. I would still argue though that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (a saying, that has been toss around for decade and holds true). Also I believe that there are many who deserve a fair shot at the title.

Since I will never likely meet all the men in the planet to assess their sexiness, and also because sexiness is very subjective, let me just write then what makes a man sexy in my book.

- A man who is sure of himself without the arrogance is sexy.
- A loving person who doesn't have qualms expressing his feelings and know how to love a woman including her faults, fears and failures.
- A good look that exudes from the inside out.
- A man who knows that he is not perfect and has faults and owns it.
- Someone who is devoted and loyal.

Short lists, but that's all I want from my man. Now if you disagree with me , I have three words for you - Captain Jack Sparrow!


Amy said...

OMG!!!!!! I love him!!!! I am crazy about him lol!!!! xxx

Tracey said...

I knew Amy would be the first to reply! I wouldn't turn him away either!!!!

Chicken Boys said...

Not even close. I'd like to nominate me, though.


Niiiiice, good ol jack sparrow. My girl had a crush on him....until I compared Johnnys age to her dads. Now she sticks with Dean from supernatural and Booth from Bones.
I agree with what you think is a great guy. Its not the looks its the package.

Sid Brechin said...

Only time I tended to agree with the choice was when they picked Sean Connery.

Some years it seems they tend to choose most likely to get hit on in a San Francisco Gay Bar.

In fact I have heard that the San Francisco Tourist board gives this advice on how to pick up your wallet if you accidently drop it.

Kick it to Los Angeles before bending over to pick it up.

Odette said...

It's not his first time to be chosen the sexiest man alive by the same magazine.

Odette said...

Hahaha, I think you are right, it's the gay men that gives out this award!

Mimi said...

I'm still more of a die hard Simon Baker fan-sexiest man of 2008. That made sense!
Depp is a good actor, but I'm not getting the sexiest man each his and her own!

Angry American said...

I swear to god, my Pervitis is getting worse with age. I thought your screen name said "MEDICALBOOBS" (wtf? that don't even make sense).

Dear lord all this talk about gay men. I could never go to San Francisco. Gay men love me (why me god?) so even if I went to a straight bar, they'd be lined up to buy me drinks.

Talk about man handled. I don't hate gays but, I still don't want my man "handle" to be handled that way.

Ok...can we write about something else now? Like this year's sexiest boobs...errrrr...babes?


Hey hun, I only just remembered o check back in about your grandchild DUh. I don't have my comp set up to follow any replies to comments so I have to try and remember where I commented and scroll through the hoards....
My god wow that is amazing. Do you have pics yet???
Im sure your son will be an amazing Dad, because you are an amazing Mum.


ROFL angry, I can see why you thought that. Medicalboobs would work if I had implants :) Your a winner from way back dude.


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