Thursday, December 3, 2009

I believe.

Is it possible that our thoughts are guiding our destiny?

Why do you think no two people ever experience the exact same thing along with the exact same details? Think about it, no other person, living or deceased, had or will, experience the things I have experienced, nor the things I have yet to go through. Sure, other people may have or will experience strikingly similar events, but none exactly the same down to the most minute details. So why is this so?

Simple. Because we are controlling our own lives and the events we experience without even realizing it. It is no secret that the mind is a powerful tool. Hence we attract the things we think most about and with greatest intensity.

Our thoughts become events or things. If we look carefully at all that is around us, we will know that they had happened in our life as a result of how we have thought about our life, and our belief about it all. Yes we may want to have a great amount of money, or happiness and may think about obtaining it. But if our belief system centers around feeling undeserving, that we will never have what we want, or that there will never be enough, then our bank account or life will reflect those thoughts. If lack and limitation is what our focus is, lack and limitation is what will manifest in our life.

Knowing that likes attracts like, I have tried to think of positive thoughts. Of things I desire and I truly believe that I will have it - in due time. Everything in this world has a natural development time, and this fact will not change no matter what resources I will throw at it. Being part of the universe, I am also governed by the laws of the universe, and I cannot change the natural development of time.

But I am patient. I believe, that I will eventually get what I want.

How about you? What are you most passionate about? Do you believe you will have it too?


Tracey said...

I am passionate about one thing only, a cure for Amy & Paul..... Naturally I wouldn't mind loads of money, but then I would use that for my passion.

♥ Amy ♥ said...

I am passionate about making my kids happy and giving them an amazing childhood filled with memories! xxx

Sid Brechin said...

I had a head cold yesterday which has migrated to my chest. I did go the outing anyway armed with tons of tissue and hand dissinfectent. I am heading to bed I think this is becoming broncitis and it is hard to breath well. Will post a proper replay when I wake as my self right now I'm Hyde not Jeckyll.

Mimi said...

The power of positive thinking!
I am passionate about seeing that my kids get a good education and enter adulthood as responsible, caring people.
I hope that you have a nice weekend, Odette.

Tracey said...

Amy showed me the photographs of your grandaughter.....She is adorable! So

Odette said...

yes i had to send it through Bub, coz i don't have your facebook account. You had asked for the pics so there it is!

Tracey said...

I don't have facebook! My blog is my world and more than enough!


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