Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When laughter rolls through...

There is always something special about someone who knows how to make me laugh. I always like a guy with whom I can share a few inside jokes, and it is just amazing how well two people understand each other.

I think aside from compatibility and understanding, laughing at life's quirks and follies is a good way to go through the day. I believe that two people who laugh together deals with life in a healthier manner, than those who sit in forlorn silence. Besides, laughing can also serve as a double-bonding thing: not only does getting through tough times bring two people together, the laughter will also help them become even closer.

As one who believes that we should laugh maniacally at life, I cannot imagine a good relationship without laughter. There is no better feeling than someone knowing how to make me smile, especially since I have a difficult sense of humor. To me humor is vital to life and to love.

You know there are times when I could be cranky and difficult about something (especially when I am PMSing) and I would wish someone would jolly me out of it with some humorous remark. It's pretty hard to stay in a bad mood and I want a partner who can make me laugh at myself. I believe that the experience of sharing humor with my mate about my own idiosyncrasies and childish behavior would strengthen and reinforce the bond. .

In my home, there is always a lot of banter between me and my kids and a great deal of humor related to things our three cats do. We often comment that our cats bring us their own very special form of therapy. Sharing humor with the boys related to our four-legged family member undoubtedly helps to keep me upbeat about life - when otherwise I could be worn down by considerable stress. It's great that my boys has wit and are a natural comedian. Of course I am glad that (fill in the blank) constantly lightens and brightens my day with his hilarious comments.

Is your partner just as goofy? Do you laugh together too?


Angry American said...

I'm just a goof all the way around. But it helps keep me sane each day so I can deal with more insanity the next.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more, humor is vital to survival. I think we all need that release. I'm pretty relaxed about most things, and I enjoy laughing and having fun. I think it has helped me as a parent and spouse. Life is not going to be perfect or go perfectly, and being able to laugh about it, or smile at the small moments is what ultimately will get you through the hard times. I think humor, to some degree, means that you have to let go of the control, which I think can be hard for some people. For myself, it makes me happier to let go, and realize that I don't have that much control anyway! Have a great day and a hope you have a great laugh too :)

Chicken Boys said...

I hear laughter can help you lose weight. I often hear of people saying they laughed their ass off! LOL!

jen said...

We definately have alot of laughter in our house!! If I'm ever in need of a laugh...I pop in for a visit at Traceys blog. She always good for laugh...especially lately!!

Your kittly looks so sweet!! We have a kitty too. He was a stray that we took in, so he wouldn't do well inside. He stays out in the barn.

Yes the blizzard and snowy weather has come a bit early this year. Must be that Global warming...LOL!

Have a great weekend Odette!!


Odette said...

maybe if its always a strong belly laugh which sometimes strengthen the muscles. But i don't know if it will actually reduce fat, hahaha!

Tracey said...

Well I laugh a lot & I'm still fat!


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