Monday, December 7, 2009

Gone no more.

Inee, is a one year old kitten and is among the first litter born from my older cat Stray. She is a calico cat with the most snobbish personality. She doesn’t like to be touched by the boys, but would snuggle close to me and would allow me to pet her. She follows me in the house wherever I go, and I like to scoop her up and cradle her in my arms.

When it’s nap time, you will find her sleeping in my bed or in the stairway next to my bedroom. When it’s playtime she likes to harass her mother and her younger brother Loki.

Inee is an indoor kitten and doesn’t normally dash out of the door whenever the kids leave for school. But last Sunday when I woke up and was putting food on their plate, only Stray and Loki came. She normally was the first one to run towards the kitchen, and that’s when I realized that she is gone. I looked through the entire house to no avail. I started looking outside, no luck.

Then I remember that Benjie had mention the other night that he wants to bring Keisha home to visit me, but that he worries the cat fur may give her an allergy. Maybe he took Inee with her and let her loose somewhere hoping she won’t find her way home. I was torn between my desire to see my grand daughter and my beloved kitty. I know Inee is somewhere close by. I think she is hiding and scared. With several dogs and neighborhood cats around, there are plenty to scare the little feline in the big bad world of the unknown.

I have been watching Stray and Loki the whole day. They both sat at the window for hours when they noticed that Inee had been missing. Loki has been watching the front window as though it was a vigil. I think the cats feel my woe. When they are not by the living room window, they hide in my bedroom on my bed or they come to me and purr loud as they can. I feel that Inee being gone has affected not just me, but them as well.

Then, yesterday when I come home from work, she is there!!! My kitten finds her way home! I am so glad to see her, and she hasn’t stopped purring since she came back through the door. I am so glad my kitten has the ability to find her way back home even when left alone in an unfamiliar territory.

I know Benjie won’t be pleased. And even if my son will try it again, I am certain now that Inee will come home again and again.

Let’s see who will eventually give up this game...


Angry American said...

That makes no sense. Why the hell would you toss one cat out the door but leave two more in the house? Tell your son to put the cats in your bedroom while the baby is there. At least they won't get killed by dogs or murdered by psycho neighbors.

Tossing cats outside won't get rid of all the hair and dander that's already in every nook and cranny of the house. You don't need cats or dogs or any animal you might be alergic to in your face to cause an alergic reaction. What's left behind will trigger it.

I'm alergic to dust but, I don't need to snort it like cocaine for it to give me a sneezing fit until my head's about to explode.

Tracey said...

I don't like cats (as you know!) but if he did that, your son wants a smacked ear!

Odette said...

None of us at home is allergic to cat's fur and yes you are right, they are everywhere! i even go to work with cat's hair on my pants or shirt, hahaha.
I think Benjie was being protective of his little baby and want to make sure she won't get sick by coming here.
But yeah, tossing one out and leaving two doesn't necessairly clear the house of cat's fur.
Benjie returned home last night with a fever and Inee eyes him cautiously now, hahaha.

Odette said...

I can't smack him, coz he is running a temperature....maybe when he is gets well?
how about you? are you feeling better now?

Chicken Boys said...

Glad Inee is okay. My black tomcat Elvis disappeared for a week back in the summer. I was worried cause he had been sick the week before he disappeared. He goes out a lot, but never far. He likes to sleep on or under my truck. He came home after a week and was thin, but wouldn't eat. It took a few weeks before he was back to normal. He's my baby.

Sid Brechin said...

My Mom would have never dreamed of smacking one of her boys upside of the head. She could of injured her hand with our thick skulls. Now a cast iron frying pan she didn't mind denting would have been different.

However sometimes cats ( I don't know why ) hide for sometimes days at a time. Unless you saw Inie come back in I would bet that is what happened. Mr Whiskers will got to the door but won't venture outside. Since my daughter brought him to me to take care of "for a few days" four years ago ( I'm allergic to cats ) he has been outside twice. Once I tried to walk him with the dog but he climbed onto my shoulder and was more parrot then cat. And for maybe two minutes when I moved and he went from the one apt to the other.

Whiskers has done the disappear thing maybe four times. Where he goes I don't know. I do not claim to be as smart as a cat.

Mimi said...

Hi Odette, Tell your sweet Benjie that children exposed to pets at a young age are less likely to develop allergies. Poor lirrle kitty!
I hope that you will meet your grand daughter soon!
Hugs, Mimi

Chicken Boys said...

Odette, I can understand not needing to hunt, but I have to say it's a bit more human than keeping animals in cages and fences just for the purpose of killing and eating (i.e. cows, pigs, chickens) However, I am not opposed to either. Both hunting and herding are in the Bible. God put animals here for food.


Odette said...

I understand your point of view. I know you don't hunt for sport. what i cannot understand is the mounting of the body of the poor beast on some wall so hunters can brag about their kill?
oh i sports there's a trophy.


Im so glad your cat came back!!! I was sad reading the first bit, then breathed a sigh of relief when she returned.
I agree with MiMi on the allergies thing. My generation who were exposed to everything have less allergies than younger generations. Is coddling which brings about allergy reactions.

Letting kids build up a natural immunity is he healthier way :)
I hope you see your grandchild soon, you will make a wonderful grandma!


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