Sunday, December 21, 2008

A wholesale date.

A very good friend asked me last week if it is possible to find a date in Manila with his age preference. My answer was a meek “yes, possibly.” which doesn’t seem encouraging. But what am I suppose to say to a subject that is equally alien to me?

So I did some research and found out that if one is willing to part with Php800 or an equivalent to $17 one can get 24 dates instead of just three ladies drink. Yeah,you read it right, twenty four.

I am talking about speed dating, where 24 men and women are in attendance. The rules of speed dating are fairly simple. Singles gather in a café or a similar venue, armed with nametags, a scorecards, maybe a well rehearsed answers to possible questions, pick up lines downloaded from the internet and a sparkling personality.

The couples will be paired off for their first date. They will be allowed to discuss anything except their fetishes and whether or not they have been intimate with domestic animals. Joke!

After three minutes of conversation, a bell is rung and the coordinator tells the participants to move to their next date. Yeah, this may seem like a fast-food dating, but unlike vasectomy, men can always rejoin speed dating events as many times as they want.

From what I’ve read, I understand that speed dating is safe dating because there are standards that must be upheld. Women for instance can demand that the men participating in the speed dating event are certifiably single, have no criminal records, and not a politician. Men on the other hand can demand that the women should have pulse. Ok, again I am just trying to be cute.

Secondly, speed dating is good for the health as men can bail out of dating chitchat in three minutes, which is a lifetime for men to converse before they collapse of heart attack. Oh we know that women can talk and talk and they don’t even have to make a point, while men try to talk but they don’t even know what to say.

It is also secure dating, as the three minute conversation is not wiretapped and will not be use as blackmail when one goes out on future dates.

After each date (3 minutes long), the participant mark on their scorecard whether they might be interested in meeting their date again. If a participant mark yes in his/her tally sheet after meeting a certain person and that person also mark yes on the said participant, then, it’s a match. And for those who get “matched,” the organizers provide each party with the other’s number. It is then up to the matched singles to contact or stalk each other.

However what truly bothers me about speed dating is the ability to generate that ‘spark” within three minutes, especially when there is no medication involved. Are they simply taking a strong whiff of the person in front of them?

Maybe I should tell my friend to hone his olfactory senses and sniff out his prospective mate instead...


N/A said...

I've signed up for a few online dating services. Once I found out it costs thousands a year to respond to a message, I never opened my account again. I've never been desperate enough to spend that much on a not so sure thing.

Eharmoney never lets anyone join unless they're "perfect". Most likely, some of the members are the same freaks, psycho stalkers and disgusting pigs I found by myself. For free. In chat rooms.

Well, there are a lot of very clever liers out there. And they know just what to say. But, they're just as much of a freak, or psycho stalker or disgusting pig as the rest. The only difference is they're much more skillfull at lieing. A small handful of actors on tv commercials and some fuzzy math mean nothing.

Who does the geek who founded eharmoney think he's kidding? All you have to do is make up a fake personality and you can get an account there. Or, wherever else you want. If you're dumb enough to pay that kind of money. There's no way to prove if anyone is telling the truth.

They also guarantee you'll find a match within a certain amount of time. What they don't tell you is, there's no guarantee what kind of losers you'll be matched up with. No thanks.

I took my chances with chat rooms and was burned several times. I eventually gave up looking and, low and behold, I found a woman I love very much. For nothing more than the monthly cost of the ISP I'm using.

physician34 said...

Speed dating is fascinating to say the least. It does make the organizer laugh all the way to the bank. Olfactory and even sixth sense is required to be honed to the optimum leves, for you to stand a chance, of even sniffing out anything!!


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