Saturday, December 13, 2008

The long wait is over.

I am very ecstatic as my eldest son comes home today. He had been away from us since May and now he is here to spend the holiday season with us.
This will be our first Christmas, in this new house and new neighborhood.
Sure, people here are warm and friendly but like most other close knit neighborhood they tend to be nosey too, as if it's their right to know everything that goes inside each family unit.

But thats not what I want to talk about, rather, it's the seemingly endless wait i have to put up with at the airport today.
Maybe I should blame it on the frenzy of the holiday season when most people are travelling. Imagine, nearly 60% of the flights today were delayed! Or perhaps too, it's due to my excitement, hence I arrived at the airport an hour early.

I sat there at the waiting area, shivering because its very cold inside the new terminal.
Add to my agony is the clock flashing in front of me. Why do I need to see it, and feel like time stood still? Damn, it would have been easy to lose track of time when you’re not constantly face-to-face with a clock.
So to divert my attention I dig into my bag to get my celphone so I can just play games on it, only to discover that I left my reading glass, without which, I wont be able to see those tiny majong bricks in my celphone screen.
So I thought of engaging someone to a conversation. But how do I start it? I wish I had a candy in my purse that I can offer to the person sitting beside me. But then again, I came up empty. There isnt a piece of item I can use as an ice-breaker necessary to get some good conversation going.

But wait, do I really want that? What if by doing so, I opened a Pandora's box and will have to sit through half hour listening to the litany of how she meticulousy stitches the bright orange scarf she is wearing?

Ok, maybe I should count the ceiling vents, or check if there are spots in the newly painted walls. Do these walls has a story to tell?
Do they hold the secret to this very controversial airport terminal?
Well at least looking at the wall and not directly into other people's face seemed less rude.

Oh how I wished I had a pad and a pen to write on, to keep myself busy...
Finally, I heard this announcement - "Cebu Pacific flight number 466 from Bacolod had just arrived". Gosh, I never felt so much relief!

It took me a lot of strentgh to keep myself from clapping.

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joem said...

yipppeeeee! happy holidays! i know that exact feeling... =P


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