Wednesday, December 10, 2008

For better or for worst.

Gays are in the news again as they continue to protest against the ban on same-sex marriages in some cities in the US.

Oh well, homosexuality is as old as history - assuming, of course, you take the scholarly view that true history began with Herodotus, and not the conservative Christian view that history began with Adam and Eve.

But that’s actually where the problem lies!

The differences of opinion in this dispute is so deep that it is almost as if same-sex marriage is a secondary issue to these beliefs.

If you believe that God created the universe some six-thousand years ago, and laid down His absolute moral law in the pages of the Holy Bible, then you are probably pretty boring, and you regard marriage by definition as a sacred union between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation.

If, on the other hand, you believe the universe is billions of years old and that human beings have an extremely intimate genetic relationship with chimpanzees, and that moral laws are constructed socially rather than supernaturally, then you probably smoked dope in college, and you don't care much what marriage is or who does it.

Either way, both doesn't give a pretty picture of you, hahaha.

Well picture this: The combatants in the same-sex marriage controversy are - in the left corner (in rainbow-striped boxers), gay and lesbian activists, and, in the right corner(mouthing a quick prayer), Christian right-wingers.
Now add to each side the supports they get from their respective end of the political spectrum.
Also toss in a few lawyers fascinated by the constitutional issues, and you have the makings of a tabloid fare.

Meanwhile the battle continues, and the future remain uncertain...


Sir,William said...

Well now here we go,,,not a hot topic for me since i don't care what others do except when it directly involves me or mine.

I know that all humans come from one mother Eve, and one father Adam. The Holy Bible Inspired of God Almighty.
Puts to rest any other view from where i stand. I don't believe in half truths or labels for groups or people. If a person wants to practice the wrong doctrine then that's something between them and God.

I used to fret over this somewhat irritating debate but no more.I am free from its power. Its old Satan's last stand with his lies and damning souls to an eternity in everlasting torment.

No political debate or voters can stop the moral decay that's come to the USA.

For in the book of Matthew we read Jesus warning to his chosen few.In the last days just before the return of Christ Lucifer that old serpent will be loosed for a season,,,that season Is Now my friends.....Believe on Him and be saved.....This is only the tip of the iceburg if you will.

Wars and rumors of wars, Pestilences,And the list goes on .......Thats my 2 cents worth.

Anonymous said...

For you Blue_Butterfly...

I spoke to you with breaking heart in me the other day
You said take a step back in our relationship was what you’d like to see
Be friends and not to be so close our problems it could cure
Be friends and all that that entails I’d miss some things I’m sure.

I’ve thought long and hard about what you said on that sorry day
And realise what you were asking may not be so far away
From what I really wanted too not hurt when you’d rather stay
With someone else and not me because of your independent ways.

Living on our own for so long may have changed our partnering skills
I was looking for something I didn't find and guess I never will
Youth, lost time and innocence are all gone right down the drain
Leaving only the unhealed heart felt scars and memories of pain.

Could we entertain, cook nice things and have some fun together
As long as you don’t think of me as just another brother
Learn to dance and decorate the house, maybe some shopping too
Cut the grass and cheer each other up when things don’t go so smooth.

My wish will be only this and it’s all I’ll have to say
Being your best friend would be good if I can sometimes stay
Seeing all our friends and making new would certainly cause no bother
Being your confidant, best friend and maybe sometimes too your lover.

blue_butterfly said...

@ anonymous

very nice poem....thanx.
i wished you had written your name below it, though.

Anonymous said...

But, I DID smoke dope in college....

and I AM Christian, or at least believe in God...

but I do think Gays should be able to legally marry... they have to legally pay taxes, right??? they have to legally obey laws? I think they should able to be legally joined... Many of thier homes are more stable than hetero couples, so, morallity is a mute argument there...

Just my opinion...

But I DID smoke dope in college (and a good number of years following)... so, I am hopeless...



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