Sunday, December 28, 2008

A boy's fear, no more?

I am still on vacation, but I was never been out of the house since the holiday started. Ok, I did go out once, but only to go to the office because a client was so insistent that she couldn’t wait till Monday to pick-up her product.

My sons though were having a blast going out with their girlfriends’ families. Oh yes, they are cozy with their girlfriends parent! My eldest son even had to sleep over at the girl’s house because her dad insist he stay for the night since it’s already late and he is concern that he may have difficulty finding a ride home.

Indeed, times have changed. Gone are the days when boys used to fear meeting their girlfriend’s parent or maybe my son just passed the dad’s scrutinizing eyes. Yaay!

Wait, did she show my son’s Friendster account to them which boast of glowing testimonials that my son painstakingly paid his friends for? Did my son also bribe her best friend to tell her parents what a decent guy he is?

Why do men fear meeting their girlfriend’s parent for the first time? Is this fear merely irrational? I have heard of some men whose testicle retracted to the pit of their stomach when they first meet their girlfriend’s parents.

You know, similar to circumcision, a requirement to Filipino courtship is the man’s responsibility to win not only the affection of his girlfriend, but also the affection of her parents, her brother who is twice his size and would like to eat him for protein, his other brother who had given him disturbing looks whenever he comes visiting, her sister and in-laws who are living in the States and will come home for Christmas, her grandma and grandpa, her surviving great grandfather on her mother side, her uncles and aunties, her 4th degree cousins, her mischievous god children who always ask him present, her 2nd cousin’s stepmom, her mom’s best friend who had been like a mother to her, her 5th cousin’s stepsister’s estranged and twice removed half brother, and, of course her dog.

Well the reason behind all this is that Filipina women value the relationship they have with their families and respect the opinions of their family members, their extended family and their domesticated animals regarding their boyfriends.

Me? Oh I am easy to win over. I won’t give any girl a hard time especially after she passed the first set of the lie-detector test.

Temperature check…yes, I still have the flu. Sorry!

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Sid Brechin said...

Lol. I have been married twice and each time asked the parents to court their daughters.

My first wife though 5 years my senior ( I was 27 she 32 ) had NEVER taken a boy home to meet her parents. We hit it off quite well. After dinner Nora & her Mom went into the kitchen to do dishes etc. Every so often they would pop back in for just a moment then leave again. Her Dad was at time president of the RCMP vetrans association. He had been a counter spy during WWII and was 5 ft 2. As at the time mounties had to be 5 10 plus no one thought he was a mountie. He was telling me of some of his exploits during the war.
After a while Nora and her Mom came back in. Nora said "Dad I have known you all my life and Mom was married to you during the war but you have never told us anything about what you did during the war. You have only known Sid a couple of hours and are telling him all about it and whenever we come in one or the other changes the subject till we leave.

He looked at his daughter and said neither of you has a security clearance. Sid is cleared to Top Secret. I had never told him that, the only reason I had such a high clearance is I had been my Army unit's intelligence officer. ( Not nearly as glamours as it sounds it only involved a few hours a month my main job was Platoon Commander.

However the fact he knew was he had been keeping track of who his daughter dated.

My second wife I met on the net. After a time we decided to date ( it meant 800 mile trips ). Because of the difference I asked by phone. Her father answered, I identified myself and told him I was calling to ask permission to date his daughter. There was silence for a moment then he turned to his wife and said "It's for you, some guy named Sid." As their daughter had already told her mom about me she knocked over the couch getting to the phone.

Needless to say in both cases permission was given.


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