Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yellow brick road.

I love reading fairy tales when I was a kid. I like the fact that these stories always end with " and they lived happily ever after." In fact, long after I had closed the book, the story would continue to haunt me and I would start creating my own story where I am the main character. I think my readings had encourages me to day dream, haha!

I particularly like Dorothy's adventure in Wizard of Oz. Her journey through the Emerald City where she followed the yellow brick road had lead to various events as she goes on her quest to find the Wizard. She met the Tin Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow, and while she encountered a lot of difficulties, she is able to overcome them with the help of her new found friends.

I feel that my journey through life is not unlike Dorothy’s journey. Each and every experience I have, became an ingredient in the recipe of my life. All my struggles, toils and hardships had formed me into who I am today. Everything I had been through, everything that life had thrown my way, are the things that make up what I am today, and these are the things that changed and developed as I walk down my yellow brick road.

In the same way, my whole existence is defined by people and things I have encountered or experienced. The places I’ve been to, the people I’ve met and even those friends I haven't met yet, but have continue to inspired me and made the journey worthwhile. I just wish I have also contributed to their life one way or the other.

Dorothy had it easy. She didn’t have to experience the sufferings and distress I have gone through. No flying monkeys or munchkins can compare to the torment I have endured. But while things seem to look bleak, there remain a flicker of light in my life. It is a light that, though small and vulnerable now, can grow to become as bright as the color of the road Dorothy took. At least, that's what I want to think.

As I continue on this journey through my yellow brick road, I would like to thank all of you who had traveled with me, you Sid, in particular. Thank you for sharing with me your life, your time , your treasures. My journey began when I was born and I intend to finish it, even if it will not end "happily ever after".

Please, stay with me as my journey continue...


Tracey said...

I'll tap my heels 3 times and come with you........XXX

Mimi said...

There's no place like home!
Odette, I am sure that you have touched many lives in a positive way that you are not aware of.
Stay positive and keep on keepin' on.

Amy said...

I'll stay with you on your journey! your posts really get me thinking!

hope your ok...not been around much but thank you for your comments!

Amy xoxox

living_with_ba said...

I'm always gonna be with you..once I make friends, I stay friends with them, barring a huge fight, you're stuck with me :D

Odette said...

hey guys, thank you so much! the vouch of confidence does give me a boost to tackle the challenges head on...


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