Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sunday musings...

It's a Sunday again, and as usual the house is empty save for Cedric who chose to stay home. The other boys had gone out early and they won't be back till evening. Oh, I haven't ironed clothes today because I have hired a lady to do it, so I can concentrate on house cleaning as I plan to clean every nook and cranny of the bedroom, kitchen and living room. I was even able to clean out the boys and my own closet... Yay!

I was glad I still have much time left before lunch to fight off mobsters and I was very surprise to see my mafia family growing. I have 166 members at present from a measly 22 when I was starting. Now I won 90% of the fights and I am getting a sinful amount of money from my properties income, hahaha. But I am even happier to catch Sid still online and I am glad he is back to his jolly self. You should read his new post and see how his mind works, although I admit the antibiotics must have something to do with it. You should also read his previous post so you will understand him better and why his state of mind and mood mean a lot to me.

Its been clear to me that Sid live his life entirely as a compassion for others even when his own life was empty save for some dream he has for his future. He could have easily write people off but as he had said in his other post, he walks towards the challenge rather than running away from it. But for those not in the know, Sid is just one of so many who live alone and love being alone.

I don't consider myself a loner, but I am comfortable being left alone once in a while. As I write this, I wonder what the lives of Sid, AA and the rest of those people who live alone are made of, why they sit in an armchair all alone every evening watching television, why they find it so hard to change their ways. For those who are depressed I understand why some, when they go to sleep at night have as their greatest wish not to wake up in the morning.

But is insight and understanding everything? What about entertainment, camaraderie, simple human friendship? Yes, those things too enrich a life. But as a practical rule of thumb I can only learn to apply what’s in front of me in the present moment, as long as I believe that they are real and know where this in front of me may lead to.

And who knows where it may lead? We may just achieve what we all want to achieve, with the rest of the desires lined up for fulfillment later. Despite Sid and AA’s times of disenchantment and loneliness, I know that they still get periodic hope trying to tell themselves that in the future, perhaps they will get more of what they want - the perfect soul mate love of their life, an exotic location to live and sufficient money not to have to forgo simple pleasures all the time.

Yet it’s all a matter of degree and time being the only obstacle, then sweet oblivion! Of course, it’s a bugger to plan. So we will just let it get on with itself and devote our energies solely to the moment.

Have done so for many years, will continue to do so...


Tracey said...

surely AA has found his soul mate, it's just a case of getting to her?
Paul prefers to be alone, the only people he lets near are the kids, me & my mum, he doesn't feel comfortable in the company of others. (not for long anyway) I used to wonder when we would be able to go out again and mix, but I've given up now, that's life, plus I prefer it too now!

Odette said...

i pretty understand this, he prefer to be with people he is most comfortable with. i admire you for being able to bear with it, and you stood by him through and through, that's love!

Sid Brechin said...

There is a great deal of truth in what Odette said she is insightful. Always seems to have been so.

There is a bit more too.

In real life we are limited to who we meet by geography and even when near them may not meet them or get to know anything about them.

Here there are millions and via blogs etc we can get a peek into minds and hearts. Even the soul I venture to say. Some like myself have difficulty relating to most. Here it seems less difficult to say the least.

Cal said...

Good post Odette. And so true about living in the moment. "Worry does not empty tomorrow of it's sorrow, it empties today of its joy"

Will take a look at Sid's blog later after my chores.

Have a good week xxxxx

Angry American said...

AA is basically a broke ass man. Some days it seems I have more gray hairs in my beard than I have dollars in the bank. Barring winning the Ohio super lotto, it'll take a while to buy tickets so I can finally get my visa.

(Any donations to my "Get Monkey Boy to the Philippines" charity will be greatly appreciated.)

Getting past the incompetent Federal security goons at the airport, and their sh*tty attitudes, is another story. They keep a useless, "no fly" list of names handy, with no photos or discriptions of the people not to be allowed on a flight.

So far, a 5 year old child, as well as the late US Senator Ted Kenedy (brother of JFK), were taken out of line, and detained from their flight by these same retards. All because "suspected terrorists" with the same names were on the "no fly" list.

I guess having an I.Q. over 35 is not a requirement for getting a job with TSA. Being an upity black female, or a while, 300 lbs lard ass male with his butt crack sticking out of his pants, is a definite plus.

Mimi said...

I need to spend some time on the nooks and crannies in my house, too.
I agree with you-sometimes it is really nice to be alone.
I had no idea that you were in the mob, now you'll never be alone!


Wow beautifully written :) very true


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