Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thank you all.

I would like to thank everyone of you who had left a comment and even those who didn't, but I know had been concerned over my family and the tragedy that we Filipinos are facing right now.

You see, the scale of devastation here in Manila is still difficult to describe. Just imagine that almost 80 percent of Metro Manila was under water. And yet for most of us watching in horror, the typhoon tragedy will be remembered for some particular images - of desperate men and women balancing on electricity cables to avoid the chest-deep water below, of cars pulled every which way by raging floodwaters like mere toys, of celebreties stranded on there rooftop - fame and fortune providing no defense against the elements.

You see, the streets of Manila after the storm is like a war zone, with abandoned vehicles littering the streets and mud and debris lying everywhere. The very reason I told myself why my son could not come home yet. But it's very difficult when all I have is "maybe" because there was nary a word form him. I didn't realize that all the while he was also trying to call me or send messages, but then our communication lines are down. He and the rest of the students where holed up in their school. The school officials didn't allow anyone to leave. But the next day, Sunday, they were allowed to go home because the storm had passed. When my son finally reached home after three days, he was shaking and very hungry. He hadn't eaten for days! But as far as I am concerned, our family is complete.

At the moment, everything is right in my world.

However, radio and TV reports are filled with accounts of the flooding in different parts of the metropolis, with dramatic footage of rescues, frantic evacuations, and people spending long cold nights, wet, hungry and desperately wondering how soon relief would come.

There are also tales of heroism and courage, tragedy and loss. Even the plain survival will be told and re-told in the days to come. Yes, I know we have been tested by water and beleaguered by mud. But I have learned the really important lessons in life - my family are still alive and still together. There is gloom everywhere, but at least we faced a new morning together.

The picture above shows the sun rising over Manila.

In silence, I prayed for every family who is suffering, thanking them in part for teaching me how much I still have.


Tracey said...

A beautiful post Odette. Is Cedric well fed & rested now? I'm so relieved you have him back, I feel so sorry for all the victims after this terrible event. XXX

Bren said...

Prayers out to you and your family dear Odette. You have been in my thoughts.

Mimi said...

Hi Odette,
I saw the aftermath on the news here. It is devastating. Thank God that you and your family are safe. I'll continue to pray for all those who have suffered. Stay safe!
Hugs, Mimi

Angry American said...

I was so relieved when I found out about your son.

I don't think students in our schools would've been left without food though. All of our primary schools have a cafeteria, and most colleges have vending machines and at least one small shop that sells burgers and such.

Just the same, I'm glad he's safe nad sound.

Odette said...

Tracey, Bren, Mimi,
Classes here in all levels are suspended since monday till friday, while until saturday for colleges. Our Pres. might declare a non-working holiday too so everyone can help in cleaning up operation esp. on all our river banks.
it may take a while for those hardly hit to recover, but they will. hopefully, they will.

Odette said...

it was a saturday, hence there is no regular classes and therfore, canteen are closed. My son was at school because they will compete with other school in a sports fest.
after the competiton and since the storm had landed, the teachers who were with them decided to bring them all back to school.
the teachers pool together and use their personal money to buy food for lunch and dinner. but since it wasn't planned, the food wasnt enough for everyone. they have to make do with whatever little they have.
it's ok, other storm victims had to endure hunger and the harsh cold atop their roofs. at least my son stayed dry during the whole ordeal.
thank you for your concern...

~Sheila~ said...

Dear Odette, apologies for not coming here sooner. I am thanking God that your son is home and well. My prayers go out to all the other families who were not as lucky. Things can be replaced, people can not. I have not been watching the news and only saw reports last night. What devastation! Stay safe.


I cannot imagine how hard it must be for people in your country right now. You guys already had enough to sruggle with on a daily basis. Again my thoughts, prayers and empathy!!!


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