Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I got nothing much to tell except that I was out the whole day yesterday, and came home real tired and sleepy. I very seldom eat out, much less go to malls because of the crowd. But then when a relative come to the city, me and the boys just can't pass up the chance to spend time with them.

I prefer to stay home and relax. I use to read a lot. Whenever I find myself with some spare time in hand, I will grab a book and find a cozy nook where I can read. I would read the book till it gets dark and continue reading when the lights are on.

But today I find it difficult to concentrate. When I read, I have to go through the words over and over again because a typical reading session for me would go: "It is not really possible to speak of characteristics peculiar to fiction by... hey, is that fried sausage I smell? Wow, I love sausage especially when..." peculiar to fiction by women except in..." too bad, this kitty isn't a male or I would love keeping it..."fiction by women in general terms."

So now, you know why watching a movie on DVD is a better choice, especially since i can just freeze it or replay it, if I miss a scene or a conversation. Then again, it might really just be a law of averages - we are born destined to spend a fixed amount of time doing something, at a certain age.

In fact right now I also noticed that when I converse with people, I tend to say things aloud for them to materialize, otherwise I just have a whole bunch of half-thoughts jostling in my head. A few lyrics here, a movie scene there, faces of people whose names I can not remember. Too much worthless information swimming in my head, like for some strange reason I can remember that Prue, Piper and Phoebe are the three Halliwell sisters, and its a piece of information that surfaces now and then although it has no bearing in my life whatsoever!

I am thankful though that at least I can still put words and sentences together, although I know that sometimes I don't make sense, hahaha. But at least I have some sort of skill I can present to the world. Thank God for variety.

If everybody placed the ultimate value on sewing, I'd be doomed!!


living_with_ba said...

I love to do a bit of reading when I get the chance, the one thing I hate about having ME is that I can't read text that is too small...but it's okay because my uni is enlarging the print and soon I'll be losing myself in books about Health and Social Care...argh! I'm scared, but at the same time, really, really, looking forward to it :D

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Me too Odette - sewing for me is not relaxing lol - but I admire people who can make lovely things with fabric :)

Cal said...

Love the pic. Ape to ape in just a few generations - lol. And your musings too. I know exactly what you mean. So easily distracted - too many thoughts in head at once. And I think I shock some people by thinking aloud! I can't help it. xxxxx

Amy said...

nothing better than curling up and reading a book instead of going out lol! xxxxxx

Tracey said...

It's just your age Odette!!!!XXX

Odette said...

finally I get to see Cal's photo. very pretty! and you say you're older than me and Tracey? i don't believe you!!!


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