Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's the big deal?

It will be Valentine Day soon. In fact, weeks before January folded up, most stores are already displaying their valentine décor and gift items. All of a sudden the market is flooded with chocolates of all shapes and sizes. And red has become the most important color.

Ok, I admit there’s something cheesy and commercial about teddy bears holding hearts, singing Hallmark cards and foil-wrapped chocolates shaped like roses.

But why do women make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day? If you’re a man reading this, then I am glad you asked.

There’s only one perfect reason - because we deserve it.

There are some guys, who can happily spend Valentine’s Day solo just watching ESPN with a six-pack. But for women, facing the “holiday” on our own can suck. So, when Valentine’s Day rolls around and we have a guy in our lives, you bet your ass we’re going to celebrate.

Also because it brings back those early–in–the-relationship rush. Even if you used to be that guy who waited outside your girlfriend’s bedroom window holding a boom box over your head to show your love, (yeah, I fall for John Cussack too) chances are, your idea of romance has backslide since then. So, for all those men out there whose most romantic gesture in recent history has been to let the wife commandeer the remote control, Valentine’s Day serves as a wake-up call. It’s a reason for men to remind us why we fell in love with them in the first place.

And also because we just need something to gloat about to our friends and officemate.

Women love to talk and compare things among themselves and each one wants to out do the other. So even when our husbands or boyfriends aren’t doing well all season, but had upped his ante on February 14, then we will be bragging about it all week. If you send us flower in our office, we will display it to our co-worker. If you surprise us with a dinner reservation in a restaurant, we will talk about it in our Facebook or Myspace update, or better yet, write about it in our blog.

Now think about it, do you really want the girls in the next cubicle show your wife/gilfried up?


Tracey said...

Hi Odette, Thanks for your good wishes and kind comments, pity we are not near enough to meet for a coffee!
Love Tracey xxx

philostomate said...

Odette - Thank you fro your comments on my blog.... I presume cars are not your 1st subject - anyway - I am quite a good valentine's day performer (when reminded and prompted). In fact Mary has already brought the Valentine's day card home ready for me to write out and give to her on the appropriate day. You see, she works for a greetings card manufacturer and they all can have as many greetings cards as they can eat for free. So I don't have a problem with having to go out and select then buy one.. Phil x

amna said...

valentine's day..have not celebrated it for quite sometime but i used to write a card for someone and slip it under his pillow..this year will be different and maybe the coming years..i'll see what life holds..

blue_butterfly said...

i would love to have coffee with you, and see all those wonderful stuff you so effortlessly made.

reading your blog has become a habit and i particularly admire your strength and how you handle your illness. you're an inspiration even to me.

lets pamper ourselves on that day. loving oneself first make the most perfect, complete, fulfilling love.

Angry American said...

Ummmm...this could be a setup. It might be too danagerous to comment at this juncture. I'll come back when it's over :(

riend said...

odette, i love your blog.. especially this one. i was reading it giggling to myself..
thanks for stopping by again. and im honored if you link my blog to yours.
thanks a bunch :)

blue_butterfly said...

i already did! now i can also be alerted if a new one is posted. thanks for dropping by too.


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