Monday, February 23, 2009

'Coz Tracey had asked, so here are my boys.

I can say that raising a son or sons is an adventure no matter what way you look at it. People have said that girls are easier to raise than boys. But honestly, with no girls in the house I wouldn’t really know.

As a mom of three boys, I’ve spent a fair bit of time over the years telling my sons to settle down, look where you’re going, be careful, take it easy, and watch out! But they always seem to gravitate towards challenges - ninja moves, stick fighting, climbing, running at high speed…

Sorry for the hazy photo of Tido, but unlike my memories of my sons growing up years, it was all so clear to me. Theirs’ is loud and SMASH, SMASH, SMASH! For them the living room is for climbing, figurines are for stacking and the pans are for banging – KAPLOW, CHOMP ,CHOMP, KABLOOM! There are always balls of all sizes and colors, and running and tickling and laughter is easy.

But there isn’t any surefire rule when it comes to raising boys. Every little guy is different, and what works with my eldest may not work with the next. So all I did was enjoy the pleasure of discovering each of their unique traits. But there are loads of things that make raising my boys a blast.

First, my boys don’t care if the house is messy. They make the mess, especially Benjie!

My boys will wear underwear more than one day if you don't get around to the laundry. Heck, they'll just go without if they have to, hahaha. And if I ask one of my son what he’s thinking about and he says “ nothing,” then that’s probably true.

My boys have always been hearty eaters. Now that they're in their teens and very active, they really eat me out of house and home. With three boys, the younger one always end up with the small piece of cake pretty often so I need to set aside extra food for him. That's him below - Cedric.

Raising boys is different. Seriously. How many little girls stuff their socks between the couch cushions, left sticky gel on the mirror, or thinks that "Do you want to wash dishes?" is actually a question.

But, I could still remember when they were little tykes and I would stare lovingly at them while they sleep. I love caressing my son’s soft hair and listening at their quiet breathing and took pride of their loyalty - for my little boys then, nobody, absolutely nobody, is as good as mama. Nobody.

Another award!!!
Tracey is becoming such a popular blogger getting an award every so often which she oh so generously pass on to fellow friends who's blog she also follow - me included.

Do check out her blog from the link and be amazed at how this lady despite only two-hours sleep every night is able to create pretty things and cooked the best cookies and yet makes it so easy I sometimes believe I can do it myself!


Tracey said...

YOU HAVE VERY HANDSOME BOYS, Odette! What are the other 2 called?
Tracey x x x x x x x x x

Amy said...

I think girls are different from boys, My Lottie can be a tomboy and stuff socks in odd places but BILLY!! wow, they are different!

Good looking boys xxx

Anonymous said...

With Boys, once they reach the teen years you have that or those boys to worry about. With Girls you have to worry about every boy in town.


blue_butterfly said...

there seemed to be difficulty posting a comment as the word verification won't load, so i omitted that now.

Tracey said...

Yes I've done the same to see if it helps.

Tracey said...

Ha HA Good morning Odette, how are you? x x x

Tracey said...

how do you have your coffee? I like it strong a little milk and no sugar......! XXX

Tracey said...

Morning Odette, (it's 4am here!) Thanks for commenting about Amy, but you see it will do nothing for the pain, or aid her walking....its to try and lengthen the stoma to stop the soreness and discomfort around the stoma...It may be a 3 hour straight forward op....or be more complicated...and might not improve anything anyway! We will hope!!
Love Tracey x x x


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