Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tagged by Tracey.

Wow, it seemed eon since I've been here... You see, I was in the province to be with my folks during the wake and burial of my aunt Sophie. We finally laid her to rest last Sunday and since relatives from abroad came home we also had a family reunion of sorts so it was truly hectic from day one. I just flew in today and its truly heart warming to know that I've been missed. Thanks, Tracey.

So ok, since you tagged me then I had to write twenty random things about me. Here goes some facts which might interest you.

1. I love reading books, and I won't put it down until I am through with it. So imagine me reading a book while inside the blanket with a flash light on, because I hate disturbing people who wants to sleep with lights off.

2. I am scared of heights.

3. All crawling insects( worms, caterpillars, snakes, maggots, etc)creeps me out.

4. Seeing blood oozing from a wound makes me faint.

5. Sappy movies and even tv commercials could make me cry.

6. I hate mathematics.

7. I love the countryside.

8. I cannot sleep without a soft pillow to hug.

9. I love to eat ripe mango.

10. When I was in high school, I was a declaimer and had won in several competition.

11. I love riding in my scooter as I love to feel the rush of cool wind on my face.

12. My fist pet was a talking parrot.

13. My eldest son's nickname is the reverse of my name.

14. Me and my sister use to quarrel a lot when we were younger. Now we are best of friends.

15. Time is running short because I am now 46.

16. I still keep in touch with my high school friends.

17. My kids think my taste in music is rather odd, simply because I cannot keep up with the new ones.

18. I love playing in the rain when I was a kid.

19. I get exceptionally crabby when I have PMS.

20. I don't like to exercise even when I know I should.

I would like to tag Boysie of Shifting Sand, Sid of Useless Information, Ray of Angry American, Joy of Stardusts and Moonbeans, Siva of Yoga in China


Tracey said...

46! You look's not fair!
Tracey xxx

Amy said...

That is really interesting... and i have to agree you don't look 46...
But dont either!!

Amy xxx

amna said...

ha ha ha i agree with them odette, you don't look like at that age at all, you are so petite and youthful looking i can't even imagine you having that grown up boys. come don't need exercise.
take care always and keep that lively attitude.

blue_butterfly said...

tracey, amy, amna,
wow, really i'am flattered to know i dont look my age. but don't be deceived by my looks, for in contrast to what your eyes can see, old age is slowly gnawing deep inside me.(sigh)
i felt pain here and there, iam getting forgetful, moody and my hair is turning gray.

Boysie Gonzaga said...

Really strange Dette eh? We can only gather together and have an "unplanned" reunion when someone dies in the family. It is true on my side too! And that is really bad, sooo bad. Why can't we plan those reunion thing during "normal" times? Just lazy maybe...

blue_butterfly said...

yes, burials and weddings are times when family gather together. but with filipino diaspora, our relatives can be anywhere across the globe and getting together often isn't that easy anymore.
we just have to cherish those short moments we can be with them. so keep those camera busy!


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